Cam Plus Unlimited not recording events

I have 7 Wyze Cams & the Cam Plus Unlimited annual subscription. Out of the 7 cams — 4 are not recording events for me to view, they are all Outdoor cams and when I try to adjust the AI settings it prompts me to buy another subscription for those cameras.
Do I need to complete this process and Wyze won’t charge me since I have the unlimited plan? I did add these cams after initially subscribing to the Cam Plus Unlimited plan.

Strange, try clearing the app cache in account > app settings. Then force close the app. Check in the services tab to make sure the cans are assigned, and try removing and re adding their liscense.


I would not recommend adding more licenses as you will be charged for them in addition to your CPU plan.

If the cams are properly assigned under the Account → Services tab to the CPU license. It should work.

I don’t use the WOC, but the license should apply just as it does on other cams.


THANKS SO MUCH!! I think that solved my issue!!
Wow!! :woman_facepalming: I feel like such a stoop sometimes!!