No Events going to the cloud

I had a subscription to Cam Plus and just switched to Cam Plus Unlimited. As soon as I did all cameras stopped recording to the cloud. They record to SD card and live stream but no event to cloud. Wyze said server glitched so the they refunded my money and said subscribe again. Still no cloud recording. I have called them 4 times and a tech emailed me back with many suggestions but nothing works since going to Unlimited. Anyone had this problem?

Have you applied the subscription to your cameras in the account > services tab? Have you checked if event recording is enabled?

Yes I have checked that several times

Can you confirm the cams are applied to the new unlimited license and not the old expired one?

Does it show a purple cam plus icon on the cameras name in its live view?

Yes it is a purple plus. It may have something to with camera Filters setting because they are not colored anymore

Do you have the Notifications on each cam set to notify you of Motion Events and AI Events?

If you are getting Push Notifications from the Server for Cam Motion and AI, then events are being uploaded.

Use The Funnel button in the upper right of the Events Page to clear all filters. That should show every event uploaded.

Alternatively, you can also log into Live stream - Wyze and click Events to verify uploaded Events.

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When changed from Cam Plus for 6 Cameras I went to Cam Plus Unlimited for 9 cameras. My Wyze App features changed drastically. I had to turn Off Smart Detection Completely and it had features my old Cam Plus did not have. I have to toggle between On and Off for Camera filters. I also have to toggle Off Person Button or it hides all record events except for people. I have been using the Cam Plus app for over a year and was very comfortable with making changes until I went to Unlimited. It changed everything ??? The changes it made make to the Wyze app have several steps before I can View events and takes a long time to toggle everything to see ALL events.

I was just informed from an Email from a Wyze Tech that Cam Plus Unlimited form the Website for $99 is Totally different than the version down loaded from the App and that the the one from the web site does work differently than the one down loaded from the App. The version from the app cost more money!!!

That is the way the Quick Filter buttons at the top of the Events page are designed. Click Person to see Person Events.

If you use the funnel button, you can individually select for what types of events you want to see. You will note that if you select Vehicle, Pet, or Package, those Quick Filter Buttons also appear and are Blue. Click Clear All to remove all filters and see all events. It should then save those settings the next time you open the app.

It was most likely not the transition to Cam Plus Unlimited that caused the change but more likely that it was an App Update. What version of the App are you running?

You can thank Google for that. All In App purchased subscriptions, the ones purchased from within the app, are sold by, processed by, and billed by the Google Play Store. They mandate that they get their piece of the pie.

I NEVER buy subscriptions in the app for this very reason. They are very hard to deal with when something goes wrong. Wyze Customer Support can’t touch them so the only support you can get has to come from Google.

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I can’t get the Vehicle, Pet, or PackageButtons to appear on the event screen. And I have them selected in the Smart Detection. And I cannot get the person button to go away as it is causing problems with missed events when it is highlighted. Any suggestions?

This varies on IOS vs Android, but I’m most cases the person chip is outlined when it’s deselected and is always present at the top of the events tab. If you click it it will highlight and filter to only show person events. You can access other AI filters in the filters (funnel) icon in the top right. Once you select those they will be added to the top next to the person chip

So I just received an Email from a Wyze Tech and for the 2nd time they admit there is a bug and a problem with the NEW Cam Plus Unlimited that currently is on their website and they want to refund my money AGAIN and told me to download it from the app because it is a version that has not been updated yet and it does not have the bug like the the website does. But It cost More through the app so Google gets a piece of the money.

Right now I would hold tight for a few until we can get some background on what is going on with your Unlimited Plan and the status of the Wyze server subscription issues.

As I previously posted, those go thru two different avenues.

There was a question asked previously that remains unanswered:

Next: please post the Customer Support Ticket Number that you received from Customer Support associated with those emails.

Lastly, have you done the following:

  1. Clear the cache in Account → App Settings
  2. Sign Out in Account
  3. Force Close the App by holding the icon then entering App Info
  4. Restart the phone\tablet
  5. Power cycle the cams leaving them unplugged for about 30s
  6. Restarting the app
  7. Signing in
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Here is the Ticket and conversation from Tech Support Email. The App version I have is V2.41.5

Your ticket (3019851) has been updated. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.

Nasser (Wyze)

May 15, 2023, 1:43 PM PDT

Hello Joe,

There is actually no functional difference between purchasing Cam Plus Unlimited on our website and through the app, except for the payment process. Whether you pay directly to Wyze or Google, the subscription features and benefits remain the same.

However, we have recently discovered a bug that affects subscriptions purchased through our website. This issue is specific to website transactions and does not impact purchases made directly through the app. As a proactive measure, we recommend obtaining the Cam Plus Unlimited subscription directly from the app to avoid any potential inconvenience caused by the bug. This is our final recommendation after exhausting all troubleshooting steps.

We can initiate a refund for the Cam Plus Unlimited subscription purchased on our website if you prefer.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with the refund or if there is any further assistance I can provide.

Once again, I appreciate your understanding and patience. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continuously strive to improve our services and provide the best experience possible for our customers. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Wyze. We look forward to swiftly resolving this matter and delivering exceptional service to you.

Kind regards,

Nasser | Wyze Wizard

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Thanks for the quick reply. This is the first time I am hearing of a subscription issue for Cam Plus Unlimited thru the Wyze Website. I have sent a message into Wyze to see if they can provide some additional clarification. It might take some time to hear something back.

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I have explained all of this in the past but here is an update. I had regular Cam Plus for just 6 cameras. I bought more cameras and subscribed to Cam Plus Unlimited. Unlimited has become a VIRUS. It changed my App. It makes changes in the settings on it’s own that I have to reset things several times during the day. It hangs and freezes when I make changes. It’s getting worse everyday. My SD cards recorded over 20 events last night as it always does due to cats, birds, head lights from the neighbors. I only received 3 notifications for the whole night. Smart detection is a nightmare. As you saw in the Email and ticket number Wyze has Exhausted all explanations as how to fix the problem and has politely said Tuff, we don’t care. Cam Plus Unlimited and my cameras are TOTALLY useless now. For a whole year I loved my cameras and had no problems. They refunded my money once already about 2 weeks ago and now it looks as I have no choice but to ask for another refund and buy another brand of camera at a very high price to replace the cameras I have. Cam Plus Unlimited is the closest thing to a Virus I have ever experienced.

Yes. I read your previous posts. No need to explain it all again. If you log into the forum rather than responding via email you will see that all the posts in this thread are listed in chronological order. There isn’t a question as to what you are describing.

I read a lot of posts here in the forum. You are the first to describe this specific issue as it pertains to the Web Cam Plus Unlimited Subscription affecting the App UI changing and also changing device settings. Likewise, it is the first I have read that there is a known issue with the Wyze Web subscribed Cam Plus Unlimited as opposed to the App subscribed Cam Plus Unlimited. It is odd that one subscription would change settings over the other given that the App Interaction with the subscriptions have identical features.

I have the Wyze Web Site Cam Plus Unlimited on 25 cams and have experienced no such issues.

I am curious to learn what specific settings within the app are being reset.

No. Wyze Customer Support has indicated they have no solutions. I have forwarded your ticket number thru Forum channels to be investigated. I am hoping for a reply soon.

You can certainly do whatever you please. However I have learned thru using these cams that some solutions are not immediate. If you want me to cancel my inquiry to Wyze so you can go shop for more expensive cams I can certainly do that.

Yes might as well cancel the inquiry as any solution will not be immediate. I just removed 3 cams from Cam Plus Unlimited and put them on Cam Lite and the cams are working very well just like they should. Just have to live with the 12 Seconds and cool down. I’m retired and live alone and out in a rural area. The cams were shared with my Daughter so she could keep an eye on me and make sure I was Okay. I also have a large shop with very expensive tools. A ways down the road I have a shady neighbor who is a known thief. So I’m going to see what Wyze figures out on updates but I will need to buy at least 2 more expensive cameras. I got rid of my Arlo cams because Wyze cams seemed to work better than Arlo. Thank you for all of your time and advice, it is very much appreciated.

I wouldn’t give up just yet. These things do have a way of working out. Will wait to hear back is anything develops. Until then, if the CPL is working, hang tight w\ that.

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