My Cam Plus went Cam Unlimited by itself, cameras removed from services, cannot add back, no Cam Plus features available

My Cam Plus subscription just turned to Cam Unlimited, and none of my cameras have Cam Plus features available anymore (Smart Detection). I cannot add cameras to the service (Cam Unlimited) – there is no checkbox on the web page for my service, and if I try in the App, it asks me to subscribe to Cam Plus.

I stumbled on the recent YT video announcing the new Monitoring capabilities, so I know WYZE just changed stuff around. Something is messed up. Are others seeing this?

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Hi, Jing here. Can you submit a log and send me your log id so we can take a look? Thank you!

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Log is 1408413

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SAME here. Ticket 3851595 opened with Support. Was told to wait for services team email.

This really stinks. My alarm sirens are triggering because of LINT falling in front of the lens. I need Person detection back ASAP.

Do I need to do anything to have my account addressed as well? I don’t want to open multiple threads for the same subject.

@grayson.dove @kleonard As a possible urgent solution while we are investigating this, can you nav to your camera settings page, find a “Reset Services” button on the bottom, and press it? Please let me know if this recovers the features or not.

I received the E-Mail at 0931 PDT (21 minutes ago as I type this) advising that CamPlus Unlimited was changing to Cam Unlimited with some additional features.
As far as I can tell in the app and the website, nothing has changed other than the name. However I am doing virtually noting with “home automation”, so my observation may not be worth much.

Thank you for the information! The rollout may take extra few hours to be fully completed. Let me know if you don’t see the change by the end of today.

Good call! Yes, that seemed to work, but it looks like my other cams are getting services / Smart Detection again without my having to do a Reset, so someone may be fixing something.


My account still says Cam Unlimited. I logged out and back in, same.

None of my Smart Detection settings are being restored. The option is there, seems I’ll have to go through and set it back up again for all my devices.

Cam Unlimited is the new name (at least if you were on CamPlus Unlimited).

Yes, we rename the Cam Plus Unlimited to Cam Unlimited with new features on the monitoring tab.


I never have done anything with Friendly Faces or “home automation”, so I really don’t know what to expect different - other than the name. I have been able to monitor four cameras in groups since the very early days, so the four camera monitoring does not really buy anything - unless I’m missing something. I can’t imagine what I would do with quad camera event monitoring.
Yes, I watched the video.
Note: I do not consider Wyze to be a “serious” security camera - and NEVER will. Any WiFi based system is little more than a toy. Maybe that is biasing my opinion.

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Thanks for the feedback! Friendly Faces can help to filter the unknown person notifications more efficiently. Home security mode especially can trigger siren automatically when detecting person during abnormal time. Multi-camera timeline can help with quickly get a whole story from different cameras. Hopefully you would find then useful in some cases!

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I have cam plus since last October(2023) and our was working just fine until January 2024, when it started acting up by not recording anything, and stayed that way for Feb, March, and April, May. Talking to the morons on chat or calling, hasn’t helped either, as they supposedly don’t write anything down for the next time one chats with support, they all say they are segments this to a higher level of support but nothing ever gets done. I haven’t been able to add any cameras to cam plus either, as on the website it says only in the app but on the app there is no I opttion to add or remove cameras. In my opinion they have added several new items, that are usually out of stock. While changing the website around. The greedy Baystates.

Hi, Bamablond. Sorry about your latest experience with Cam Plus. Do you mind to submit a log or send wyze customer support ticket number with me so that I can take a look for you? Thanks!

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Having the same issue, have cam plus unlimited but all cams now show it doesn’t have it, also my notifications and rules all got reset and now getting notifications for every event.

Hi, MacGyver. We are aware of this issue, and trying to fix it as soon as possible. while we are fixing this, can you nav to your camera settings page, find a “Reset Services” button on the bottom, and press it? Please let me know if this recovers the features or not.

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it reset the service and attached the subscription back to the device, however that also reset all the settings I had in place for alerts, notifications, motion tagging and detection zones.

I am in the process of performing this task. Is there a way to do all at once? I have quite a few Wyze cams.

The cameras are now showing on the Wyze Web Live page again. Will wait for the AI detection system to trigger and see if they’re fully back.

Thank you!

After I reset the services because of the new plan changes, I noticed my battery cam pro cameras are not recording video and sending to the cloud. I see the indicator lights on the cam saying its recording, but I get nothing. I also tried a restart of the camera, still nothing.

I can watch live streams from camera, so thats working.