Cam plus plan no longer alowing motion recording

Does anyone know why the Cam plus plan no longer alowes recording of motion detection. I have purchased it fo 8 cameras on the $99 a year plan.

What kind of cameras? Did you assign all the Cams to cam plus.? From the app home page tap account lower right > tap services > are your cams listed under cam plus? Mine works.

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Usually prudent to phrase questions as “Anyone know why I am having this issue” rather than “why this is now an issue?”

99% of the time, it’s simply a user mistake or misunderstanding, not a systemic problem.

Good point, I will rember that. The issue is resolved now. The firmware update caused the issue and i went in and reset every thing.

Issue resolved, had to reset everything after the firmware update.
Thank you everyone.

How do you reset everything? I have the same issue. Had the unlimited plan earlier. Forgot to renew. So paid for the $99 plan again (via the website), but ‘Services’ does not show the cameras to be attached. It’s asking me to buy the plan again…and again!

How did that happen, most plans are Auto Renew?
Did you try Add Cameras on the bottom of the Service CP page?

I don’t know why it did not auto renew. Cam plus just stopped!! I hope I’m not buying plan after plan.
I cannot see any of my cameras listed. It keeps showing me the page where I have to purchase Cam Plus.

??? On the app > account > services what does the page show. See my first screen shot above. Maybe your cams are still attached to another plan so they won’t be available to add.
Did you use a different account name?

I don’t see the Unlimited Plan attached to any other account. This is getting spookier and spookier :frowning:

It says your order is confirmed, I have an email from WYZE that said the same thing when I purchased the unlimited plan. The plan was activated in less than 5 minutes after I got the email. I would be talking to Customer service and see if they activated your plan. Maybe someone fell a sleep at the switch (again). There are other post on the forum that have described the same issue you are having.

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How do I call customer service? The chat bot has been taking me round and round, with the same questions appearing again… that I feel that Wyze bot is a deadhead!

I saw the phone numbers for support in this thread:

I do not know if anyone will answer on Sunday, but you could try!
Good Luck


Just keep typing NO every time the chatbot ask something. At some point you should get a screen that says contact support and chose email. You will get a reply in maybe a day? the phone is 206-339-9646. Open Monday-Saturday.

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Thank you. That worked. Got the Support email ID the way you guys told me to. Mark immediately replied and got it working from his end.
Thank you so much. Cheers.

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Did they say what the issue was? Wanting to see if the resolution was something that could be added to this topic for those looking with the same questions and answers. Thanks in advance!

The Wyze man Mark replied saying “I manually activated your Cam Plus Unlimited Plan here on our end at no additional cost to you. Please log out and log back in from the Wyze app.”

And it worked :tada:.


Good to see you finally got it working.