Cam Plus not noted in Camera Settings

I noticed a LOTTTTT of clips from one of my camera’s. All my Cameras are on Cam Plus and the motion of some bushes should not be triggering events as I have it set for People and Pets only. Strange I did not get notifications, just a ton of events. I noticed that none of my 9 cameras have “Cam Plus” notated on their settings page. I do have a valid subscription and it states 9 cameras are on it. Is anyone else having this issue???
P.S. I looked back at events and it appears this mass event recordings started 4/30/24, unless I deleted all the wrongly recorded events prior to 4/30.

Could you submit a log and share your Log ID with me?


Correction I just had a motion event, no notification, not a person, pet or face.

Since I “Reset Services” on my cameras I have not seen the massive false events being recorded. I assume there was a glitch in the Cam Plus Unlimited service, perhaps around April 30th, Wyze was converting to the new “CAM Unlimited” ??