CAM Plus Cameras are not creating events

This started happening yesterday as far as I can tell. I played with sensitivity to see if that helps and it doesn’t. I have three CAM Plus Cameras, two Pans, 1 v2.

I also have an Outdoor and a v2 not on Cam Plus that are working fine.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Yes. Starting Sept 1. Cam Pan Camera connects & I see live stream but no recordings.

Other cams (V2 & WOC) no issues.

Same issue here. No notifications with Cam plus cameras. All others work fine.

I unplugged/plugged camera & got event recordings back, however it looks like it has stopped again.

I do get lots of recordings from detected shadows & tree leaves so maybe that has something to do with it.

Turned off “CamPlus” and seems to be working fine. I’ll give it a few days though.

I’ve had similar symptoms, Non-plus customers (like me) were all sent an email from Wyze about the person pilot and offering a pathway to CAM+.

I suspect there has been user uptake and capacity issues, as coinciding with the current AWS challenges.

So everyone has hit CAM+ and since my last venture back into it two days ago, it’s still borked.