Cam plus & all 3 cam pams will NOT notify or record

This is becoming laughable. I have 3 cam pans, all on plus. All detection settings and notification setting are correct , sensitivity has been played with, all cameras have been removed and reinstalled. Firmware is, all licenses active, all licenses have been removed and re applied.

The only thing these novelty cameras pick up are blowing tree tops or exterior lights coming on and off. No vehicles, no people walking right up to the cameras, nothing!! These things are crap!!! SD cards are installed, formatted and set to record events only. I have run out of ideas on what may be wrong. I have resigned myself to the fact that these “security” lol, cameras are nothing more than a Children’s toy.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on, is it the APP? I have tried exiting completely and reloading to no avail.

Can you post screenshots of the cameras views? Detection zone/Settings? Maybe some fresh eyes on the settings, and views can provide some help. For troubleshooting, id turn sensitivity up to 100 and remove any filters that are on in the event tab.

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I’m so done with these things.
I seriously think all their hardware is crap! Currently i can’t even see what I’m typing because i can’t find the Google on this jacked up system. Smh. I was on the chat with cs to no avail after being with these idiots for 2 years! It’s always something new and different on why these things don’t work! Now i have wasted hundreds of dollars on cameras and mouths/ years of waiting for them to get their basics right with no avail and now stick with these. After seeing all the other complaints, it’s almost time for a class action. At have paid how much for the cameras with the promise that they work only to be screwed around by one issue or another. Never working. Now saying at can’t have a refund!!! Yup. This is why class actions were created. Whoa with me? Or i guess it’s time to subpoena records. I’m so done. It would have been a lot easier to refund cameras but now. Colicky cs girl … nah not even worth it. See ya soon

When you were communicating with support, did you get a ticket number or numbers? Can you post them in here so I can send it up to have them looked into?

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I have the same problem. I get no notifications and no events have EVER recorded. I’ve asked this question multiple times with no answer. Did you ever get any satisfaction from Wyze?

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What are you event recording and detection settings? What camera or cameras are you having an issue with?

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I have V3. I’ve paid for Cam Plus on my front door camera. I have it set for person detection. It has never recorded an Event. I have never seen anything other than the 12 sec videos. I am in Canada. Does that matter?


Did you activate Cam Plus. On the app tap account, bottom right, then tap on services > Cam Plus and see if it is activated or available. If it says available activate it. You may want to try clearing your filters on the events page, People ,Motion. If they are green tap them to turn white. Another way to see what events are recorded is make sure you are on the day you want on the events page, tap camera/cameras which will open a new page, Go to the bottom and tap “show results”


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These two sentences kind of cancel eachother out, Because 12 second clips are events. Unless the first sentence should read “it has never tagged a event as “person””. Like @Antonius stated, check your “services” to see if camplus is applied to this camera. With the camera only saving 12 second clips, it doesn’t appear that the camplus license is applied. Photos of your different settings pages, like event recording, detection, services and event tab will help the community here troubleshoot this with you

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