Pan Cam Notification and or Detection Not Working as of Today

As of today I have a total of 4 cameras at home and 3 at my work place . 2 of the cameras at home are not doing notification or detection , none of the camera at my work place are doing either . This started early this morning . I did restart cameras etc , check all settings . No dice yet . Should I go and unplug the cameras and wait then plug them back in? What to do ? Anyone else having these problems ? Thanks for any help in this matter . (Oh and all firmware and app versions are up to date ) . Using iPhone 13 / IOS 16.1 - (had the problem before the update ) .

Try removing the cam plus license from the cam and applying it again.

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Hi thanks for the fast reply - I have Cam Plus Light - not sure how to do that . Thanks for any help .

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Unfortunately for cam plus lite the only way to remove the cam is to either cancel the sub or upgrade it to cam plus and back. Would any of those be viable for you? First option is probably the best, but I understand that it’s not ideal.

Before you do that, are you getting events in the events tab? Just not notifications?

No events either no.

Check your event recording settings and detection settings, try toggling them all off and back on

Think I might have done that also . But will try again . Thanks !

Nope , no dice , ugh . :frowning:

You said all your cams are up to date on their FW,

Both just got new updates and the V1 is experiencing some significant issues.

Please list your FW versions.

In the interim, have you cleared the cache, logged out, force closed the app and then logged back in?

I have the same issue with 1 Pan Camera, 1 Cam Outdoor Ver 1 and 3 cam Ver 2, I tried removing the subscription and I cleared the cache, but the problem still, all cameras are up to date with the last FW versions:

Cam Outdoor =
Station =
Pan Cam =
3 cam ver 2 =

any help is welcome

I did but still the problem.

Those are all the steps I would take. I can’t help w\ the WCO. I don’t have one of those. But the .1443 FW on the WCPanV1 and V2 is causing some major issues:

I would suggest contacting support and getting a ticket logged:

I’m having the very same issue. I’m stumped as well.

With so many of these similar issues going on all at once for so many users, I highly suggest logging a support ticket by calling customer support so red flags start going up.

This sounds like a server issue from either the new firmware or something done on the back end.

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It is fixed. It must have been a cloud problem because I didn’t do anything to fix it.

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