Latest iPhone app update causing major problems

Ever since my iPhone auto-updated to v 2.36.0 (14) I’ve add ongoing problems. For example:

  1. If I rotate my phone to view a cam in landscape, the app and phone freeze. It never comes back on its own. Only way out is to lock phone so screen goes dark and even then takes another minute or two before phone will respond.

  2. Detection settings no longer work for smaller motion, even when turned up to 100. Same cam, same room, same things that should be detected from before. It still works with people, but smaller movement isn’t registered which is a problem for me. It used to be I could set sensitivity at about 50 and catch anything. Now, 100 doesn’t register a cat running through the room.

  3. The iPhone app no longer correctly plays back Micro SD video. Just all messed up - not showing the blue bars in the right place and gives me an “operation failed” notification if I try to play something back that does show up.

None of these things happen on my iPad which was NOT updated recently so I can rule out the cameras, etc (with exception of the motion detection). Anybody else having these issues and any word on a fix?

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I have not had any of the same issues using the 2.36 app on my iPhone SE2020 with iOS 16.1. I have not seen any changes on my 3 V3 cams or the 4 WCO. Have you cleared the cache on the app and restarted the app or your phone lately?

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I have noticed many issues as well. Hoping Wyze can get these issues addressed soon

Hi @mvhousehold @Nes88 , could you please send me some screen record or snapshots with device logs so I could quickly check here? The first issue we do receive some reports and are currently working on this. The second and third issues I might need more info from you if possible. THank you so much!

As I said mine works.

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Thanks @Antonius . I am thinking if it is model related since I couldn’t repro on my iphone 13 here. What is your model for the phone?

The only issue I’m currently having on the app is that when I click on the full screen icon on the top right of the live view the app will not go to portrait mode . Whenever I click on the full screen icon it’s not responding

A FW version before, whenever I clicked on the full screen icon the live view glitched and would freeze and show me a thumbnail of that camera from a minute ago until I would click on the full screen icon again and then the live view would load again but I can never go to portrait mode

I’m running 2.36.0 (14)

iPhone 14 running iOS 16.1

Do you need a log @WyzeDesmond ?

I have submitted a report and logs to Wyze but not sure they show much as it freezes the entire app and once reboot the phone not sure the logs would show much.

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iPhone SE2020
My V3 cams are using the.139 firmware.

And everything I’m reporting is the pan cam V2 so apples to oranges. The user who reported failure to launch landscape mode sounds like it’s related. For what it’s worth I’m in an iPhone 12 and as I mentioned initially none of these problems occur with the ipad app which I have not yet updated - with the exception of the degraded motion sensitivity.

Your post was about the app 2.36 :raccoon:

Yes please. If you could DM me a screen record with the log it would be perfect. Thank you so much!

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Additional info discovered by chance regarding guest failure to switch to full screen / landscape more viewing a v2 pan cam. When the cam loads, if I then rotate the phone it freezes both app and phone. If however I load the cam and then zoom - even the tiniest bit - and THEN rotate the phone, the view rotated and zooms out to full as it should. This strongly suggests this is a glitch in the latest update of the app. Any info on a fix? Thanks

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I tried this on my end but it seems I cannot repro this issue. Any chance you could direct message me a screen record for this? And a device log for the Panv2. Thank you so much!

I updated to the newest firmware and my cameras and app lock up when I try to expand or portrait the cam view


Mine is doing the exact same thing