Latest update is nuts

Has anyone else have problems with their cameras V2 with latest update

Bc now it won’t detect people, detect vehicle but not person or motion. I get notifications about sound detected I even have it toggled off. Or 1 camera works fine but other doesn’t. It’s like a guessing game.

I try to manually go back 1 firmware I think x.x.x.199 or whatever. But that is a big P.I.A. In which I still haven’t been able to go back 1 firmware. This new one is not helping.

Agree. Since I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware, my detection sensitivity is totally out of whack. I’ve methodically adjusted it and it switches between “detect everything” to “detect nothing”. No gradation. My detection zone that worked beautifully previously now doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever. I’ve simplified the zone, expanded the zone, shrunk the zone, turned off the zone, cleared the zone, rebuilt the zone. Nothing. At one point, it almost appeared that it was detecting things expressly OUTSIDE the detection zone. But, after further examination, it appears to just detect everything. Again, I have methodically made adjustments, tried on the fly, reset between changes and hard reset between changes and in no circumstance does it seem to make a difference. If just don’t work. :frowning_face:

Glad it’s not me. I have reset my cameras so many times. I just gave up

Mine’s out of wack too. Spotlights turn on at night that are facing cam and no detection which it always did before update. I used to have sensitivity at 60 now it’s at 100. I did find that turning on night mode helps a little (night mode not IRs as it’s looking thru window). Everything is black and white but made made detection slightly better. Not as good as before, but I have faith Wyze will correct at some point.

I didn’t do latest update. I read what it updates. Nothing for camera v2. So ism gonna see how it goes for now