V2 firmware released to public!

Hi folks,
V2 firmware is just released to the public. We fixed several issues that relate to night vision and SD card video recording.
The changes include:

  • Updated night vision switch logic to reduce frequent switches
  • Updated connection logic to reduce ‘stuck at 3/3’ issues
  • Changed SD card rollover logic to delete 1 hour of oldest video each time
  • Fixed an issue that one-minute long video only has 52 seconds of audio
  • Fixed an issue that with night vision on, the recorded video played like in “fast-forward” mode

UPDATE #3: Resolved. After 2 more power cycles 30 minutes later the camera came online.

UPDATE #2: Same issue on another camera. Power cycled 4 times and an hour later still not operational.

UPDATE #1: 30 minutes later the camera became operable again. For some season it took longer for it to come online than the first camera.


I have 4 V2 cams. I updated the first cam with no problem. After which, I updated the second cam and now it will not come online, even after power cycling it 3 times. I do not want to update the other 2 as I’m concerned they will also become inoperable. Is there any way to revert the inoperable camera to factory default or bring it back to life?

Good to know! Thanks for letting us know!

I updated all seven of my V2 cameras to yesterday without incident.


Did you install SD cards in your cams? I had them in mine and was wondering if the presence of the card slows down or complicates the update process.

All nine of my cameras (seven V2 and two Pan) have either a 32 or a 64 GB uSD card installed and are set for continuous recording.


  1. I cannot seem to be able to DL the firmware update on either my iPhone or iPad. The DL gets to about 30 percent and just quits. Doing this on the 2.4 side of my network. Multiple failures.

On all seven of mine, they get to 30% and then report completed.


One of my two cameras finally received the firmware update when the DL reached 30 percent and reported the update was successful. Not so on my second camera, however. Multiple attempts show it reach 30 percent or more and it just quits. Now on the camera that was updated I find I need to recycle its power before I can successfully start the camera. Now I’m wondering if I even want to update the second camera.

I’ve sent a support ticket to the Wyze folks about my problems with the newly updated v2 camera. The firmware update seemed to have knocked out the ability of this camera to sustain a connection. I am wondering how other users here have done on the upgrade. In order to connect this camera I need to disconnect it from power, reestablish connection and then it will remain connected for no more than 15 minutes. No way to connect again until I power down again. Anyone else have similar behavior after the firmware update?

I actually deleted this camera from my setup, reconfigured as new but that did not change a thing.

Don’t know if this will help anyone- My upgrades on V1 and V2 always fail if my Android phone’s display times out before the upgrade has completed. I always set it now to time out after 10 minutes when I do an upgrade.


This should be a sticky !!!

Or create a sticky With a list of all versions, Firmware and app

Hi all, I just updated mine to latest firmware and now I’m getting red/blue/purple flickering near lights (at night with night vision turned off as it’s in front of a window looking outside). I’ve never had this problem before the update. Anyone else having the same issue?

Updated my camera and it did the same thing where at about 30% all of a sudden it said completed. I couldn’t connect to it after the update so power cycled a few times before I got it working again. Even then it seemed to take 3 or 4 tries to connect. Now a day later, I can’t connect again. It was running smoothly before this update, now I wish I had not done it. I’m going to try another power cycle when I get home.

Yes I saw some odd looking flashes of purple light for a few seconds while in night mode, but it went away and I didn’t think about it after that. I’ll have to look at night mode again tonight…if I can get the camera working!

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I’m so sorry about your problem! Were you having connectivity issue before when you’re on firmware? Could you send me a firmware log at ltan@wyzecam.com?

I’m so sorry about your problem! Could you also send me a firmware log at ltan@wyzecam.com after the connection fails?

Sure. How do I get the firmware log?