V2 firmware released to the public!

Hi all,

We released Wyze Cam v2 firmware to the public!

The changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that playback plays faster during the minute transition
  • Added that photos are saved on SD card besides device album (Need new app support: will release soon)

I’m holding back updating my two remaining cameras and waiting the results on this update from other folks before I plunge in, I lost one camera on the last update V4.9.2.42 and I’m about to call CS for a replacement, I have tried flashing to previous firmware V4.9.2.18 and te camera functions but as soon as I try a firmware update from the camera it stops functioning and communicating with the app, I have one more try before giving up.


My V2 no longer recognizes a microSD being inserted. I have to physically remove and reconnect power to the camera for it to recognize, then after a few hours the Wyze app will loose the microSD. Earlier today this same thing happened, though I wasn’t home. After about an hour of “No sd card inserted” it decided to see it again. This is with known good Sandisk 32GB cards, even one new out of packaging. Any ideas?

I’m sorry about your issue! Instead of, could you try with demi.bin file? Have you had a successful firmware upgrade before? Also another thing might help is move your unit close to your router and then do a firmware upgrade.

Here’s how you can get the file. Let me know if it doesn’t help.


Could you help me collect a firmware log? Please follow these steps:

Insert SD card -> If not recognized, collect log and let me know the time such as 11:20 am

Insert SD card -> SD card recognized -> After a few hours and SD card not recognized -> Please collect log and let me know the time it stops recognizing SD card.

Here is the instruction.


Please send the firmware log to me at ltan@wyzecam.com.

After the log is collected, could you try formatting the SD card and see if the issue persists?


Night vision ability dramatically reduced after this update. Holding back with the rest of my cameras now. :frowning:

@ Li Yes that camera has updated before several times, that was my next step updating to and see if I don’t get a fail before contacting CS if I can’t un-brick the camera


I’m sorry about your problem! Could you send comparison night vision photos? My email address is ltan@wyzecam.com if you don’t want to post on the forum. Could you also help collect a firmware log for us to look into it?

Here’s the instruction. Let me know if you have any question!


Hello Li,

Any idea when we can turn off IR LEDs in night mode ?

I know it is in the feature request list for a long time :slight_smile:


Glad I saw this. Got the update message today at work and was waiting until I got home to do it. Think I’ll wait a while longer, sounds like it might not have been ready for release.