v2 firmware released to public!

V2 firmware released to public. This only applies to Wyze Cam v2 units.


Changes include:

  • Firmware support for V1.3 app features

  • Updated IQ to remove the green/lime tint

  • Add noise reduction for background sound



Significant noise reduction in the background audio on all 4 of my V2 cameras with the .60 firmware. Much appreciated! I’ve never experienced the green tint so cannot test that.

Glad to know! Don’t ask for the lime/green tint :slight_smile:

I get a “no micro sd card installed” message every time I go to playback or time lapse modes!

I never experienced any problems until I updated to the latest firmware!!

Sorry about that! If you have important videos that you want to keep, please take out the card now and store them on a PC or Mac hard drive. We didn’t change anything related to SD card in this update. I highly suspect it is related to other issues.

If you want to experiment, you can flash your v2 firmware back to and test. The instruction is at https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/flashing-your-wyzecam-v2-firmware/. If you want to bother, please save your videos and format the SD card on a PC or Mac. That should set you back to a good state.

We did hear several cases about not recognizing SD card on v2 units (on various firmware versions). We have requested some units back for further investigation. If we need further help we will let you know. Thanks!

Someone needs to update the Release Notes page. I got the prompt for the update but when I clicked the What’s New link it didn’t have any info:



V2 camera image is all magenta after update. Unplugged, plugged back in still magenta


Do you have a picture for it? Can you cycle the night vision setting from Auto -> On -> Off -> Auto and see if the picture changes? Sometimes it is IR filter’s mechanical problem. If you hear two clicks in each cycle, you should be good.

Sorry, it was released last night. We didn’t get a chance to update our release note site. Will update the site today. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks. I reconnected the camera and the problem went away.

I don’t know if this is related to the firmware update or not, but…

I finally installed an SD card the other day, formatted it via the app, etc and everything seemed to be working fine.

I just tried to review playback (of a certain time) remotely for the first time and encountered problems. When I started up the app I got the firmware update message so I decided to do the update first (which went fine).

When I click playback it initially shows about 30 minutes worth of green on the scrub bar. If I move the bar a bit that the entire bar (well, everything left of present time) turns green. However, when I scroll to a past time nothing from it plays. Am I just misunderstanding how past recordings can be viewed?

If you haven’t watched 9 - USING PLAYBACK WITH A MICROSD CARD


do that first.

If you can’t get it to work after watching that, then take a screen shot on phone where is has the “play head” over green/teal and isn’t playing back. Is there a message?


I finally got remote playback to work once. Maybe it has to do with the slow upload speed at my home location? Each time I tried I waited quite a while. And it did start playback once but then I couldn’t replicate it again (even tried closing app, etc).


When I got home I tried playback and it works perfectly.