Dullness in V2 even after firmware update -


I am still facing significant dullness in my V2 pictures even after upgrading to latest I am a part of the Beta testing program and provide the pictures comparing V1(which still have great pictures and the V2(with the dull pictures and green tint issues in 2 cameras). I am not sure what to do from here on as I have bought 7 cameras and am now hesitating to open the rest(5 of them). The new firmware states it has fixed the issue, however, I am not seeing that in my units.

At this time, I don’t know if these are hardware issues or firmware. If it is indeed firmware(I hope that’s the case), I would like to know when this is going to resolved. The cameras are literally unusable in low light conditions. Are others facing similar issues?

I will add more pictures soon, however, these are pictures from last week. While I understand there may be differences between V1 & V2, you can see V2 pictures are a significant deterioration over V1.


In these pictures,

Wyzecam 3 = V2 version

Wyzecam 2 = V1 version






Hi RickO, LikeWyze,

Can you pls provide some guidance on this? Is this a hardware issue and should I contact Customer Support about this? The new firmware is supposed to eliminate the green tint.




Hi LieWyze, RickO,

Is WyzeCam addressing this issue? I had uploaded photographs(after applying the latest firmware a few weeks back), however, the pictures are very dull and with a green tint. The picture quality is poor/hazy under low light conditions. For easier comparison, I also added photos from V1.


Can you pls let me know the options I have? Should I contact Support for a replacement? I would appreciate your guidance on this issue.



I think it’s because they are using a different sensor in v2. I also have a dull camera in v2. I prefer the photo quality and sound quality of v1 over v2. I think v2 is actually a downgrade. V1 has a sharper image as well which others have pointed out. The v1 sound quality is not as loud from the mic but it’s clearer than v2. There only advantage I saw with the v2 is the night mode is brighter and sharper.