v2 firmware released to public!

Hi! We just released v2 firmware to public! Only image quality change from Thanks!

Just noticed your post. Yes, with this f/w update I’ve definitely noticed an huge improvement in image quality on my V2’s. Ref. my post over in the Support/Q&A forum …


Curious, I received the notice for my V2’s and all went good. I do not get the prompt for my V1’s. Is this update only for V2’s ?

Yes, it is a v2 only update. v1 and v2 firmware are in totally different track. This work is not needed to be on v1. Thanks!

Thanks for the link! The last f/w IQ is not perfect but much better than previous one. We made the call to fix the blurry image first and then keep working on the green tint. It is one of our top priorities for v2 for now.

Unfortunately update failed is the error I get for this build. I updated it with no issues when I received the camera but this update just fails. Any suggestions?