Wyze Cam v2 firmware released

Hi guys,

We just launched new firmware for Wyze Cam v2,which integrated the latest support for the upcoming Wyze Sense. Alongside that, we fixed some issues from the previous version. We look forward to your feedback. New firmware for Wyze Cam v1 and Wyze Cam Pan will come later. Thank you very much.

Wyze Cam v2

  • Integrated the latest firmware for Wyze Sense
  • Improved the security of time lapse downloading
  • Fixed the issue with no internet connection causing reboot
  • Improved the compatibility with mesh networks
  • Applied the detection zone and sensitivity settings for local recording
  • Security updates

@WyzeRoy @WyzeGwendolyn
Per chance does this release for V2 fix the bug with recording to SD card quitting approx 1.5 hours after loss of WiFi connectivity? (not loss of internet, but loss of WiFi). A few weeks ago, Gwen indicated that the fix for this defect would be in the next release.



I’ll check on it! :smiley:

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Much obliged.

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I hear that it should be fixed in the 2.3 firmware! Please test it and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Is there any change from the beta of the same #?

I don’t understand - the camera firmware stream is numbered with a 4-field code (i.e

Do you mean to say that it will be fixed in the 2.3 version of the iOS app? It’s not clear how a change to the app can impact the camera’s recording to SD card. The failure of card recording following loss of WiFi connectivity is a defect in the camera firmware. In any event, there’s no 2.3 version of the iOS app available in the App Store. Perhaps it’s coming soon… is the firmware that will enable the 2.3 app features. This is the firmware that should fix the issue and is part of the 2.3 release. I definitely see where that was unclear and I apologize!

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I don’t believe that there are significant changes (if any) from the beta though I could be wrong.

My camera will no longer connect after i upgraded the firmware! reset it 4X, reset router etc. Help!

fwiw … just bulk updated my four V2 cams to f/w version and all seems well


Is the firmware page going to be updated?

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Is this still the case? If so, what color is the light on your Wyze Cam? Does it flash?

Yup! But the person that does that was already out of the office when we started the release. We’ll update it tomorrow. :slight_smile:


do you plan on updating the firmware with rtsp to fix what us users have been reporting?

My experience upgrading v2 camera firmware to


Upgraded two (2) cameras last night after seeing new firmware was released for the v2. Both cameras gave me the “Firmware is Up to Date” splash screen when the upgrade progress bar graph was around 75%. So far, both cameras seem to function flawlessly even after a power cycle. The issue with firmware with the cameras continuously restarting on power up with an SD card installed appears, so far, to have been resolved.


Upgraded five (5) cameras this morning.

With the first camera, the upgrade progress bar graph went all the way to 100% and the splash screen displayed “Upgrade Failed”. Checking the firmware version in the Device Info, the firmware was upgraded to and the camera worked fine before and after a power cycle.

With the second camera, all went well with the upgrade, getting the “Firmware is Up to Date” splash screen around 80%. Checking in Device Info, firmware ver. was After the firmware was upgraded, could not connect to the camera. So exited the Wyze app on my Android tablet, restarted the app, and could connect and live stream. Worked fine after a power cycle.

Third camera upgraded the same as the second camera.

Fourth camera upgraded the same as the second camera, but didn’t need to restart my Android app. Also noticed that the “Night Vision IR Lights” got shut off during the upgrade, but worked fine after turning them back on.

Fifth camera upgraded the same as the second camera, but got the “Firmware is Up to Date” splash screen around 85%. The “Night Vision IR Lights” got shut off during the upgrade, but worked fine after turning them back on.

So far, so good with this firmware version.

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Just for the record - Android or iOs?

Running Android on a Galaxy Tab S and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Just checked, all cameras working fine and start a live stream, over remote WiFi in 3 to 4 seconds.

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The night vision video quality has decreased significantly after the update. Please fix it ASAP.