Problems with V2 firmware

I hate to say this, but I am not a beta tester, and I just received notification today that my V2s had an update pending, Now both are bricked, I’ve online with support for hours going through the same steps and my networks are no longer detected. I cannot believe I’m alone in this and I am also in Canada.

All of mine work great, just upgraded today.

The update that went out today is not this beta it is the update found in this thread, you may want to post there.


They just released a general-release update today, so it’s not related to beta. What behavior are you getting exactly? Literally no response from the camera whatsoever? Did you factory reset, etc? Do you hear any noises from the camera or lights, etc?


I get the clicking of the camera changing modes, then it flips to flashing yellow and blue. I have factory reset it, I have re-flashed it, When I try to re-add the device (because I can no longer connect to it in the app), I get the voice indication that the QR code is read, then I am advised that it could not find the specified network name. The SSID was hidden (though this was never an issue in the past) so I even unhid it to try to connect - to no avail. I see numerous other devices connected to the network, but neither camera is able to connect anymore - they both previously had firmware

Unfortunately this is not resolved. After reading a few more posts in the forums I think you’re at the beginning of people running into this issue. After further tests, it appears that it doesn’t matter what WiFi network I attempt to connect to, the cameras are unable to find any specified network names.

Thank you for letting me know. Do you have any links on hand for this happening with this update? I apologize for running behind.

I’ll share this with the team.

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You’re the only one I found here so far who is reporting this issue for the latest wide release firmware. I saw that you posted on some other threads that included people who’d had similar problems in the past with other cameras while doing firmware upgrades, or with beta releases, but those aren’t related to this release.

By contrast, there was a beta firmware update last week that bricked some devices and there were several people reporting it here almost immediately.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem like a widespread issue, thankfully. But I’m sure Wyze will help you get it sorted out.

After yesterday’s firmware update, my 6 cameras are losing connectivity constantly. While this would happen once or twice a day before the upgrade, now it’s happening over 100 times a day

Interesting. Well, that’s certainly better than bricked devices, but I’m sure Wyze will be interested in getting to the bottom of why that’s happening. Have you submitted a support ticket?

Yes, I have. This is very disruptive,

A couple of things come to mind:

  1. Is your phone connected to the same wifi network before starting setup?
  2. I have seen cases where even though you get the “cannot find specified network” error message, the camera actually did connect. Did you check this even after getting the error message?

Yes, it’s connected to the same wireless network.

And I’ve seen those issues too, but this is not the case here.

In my case the camera states that it cannot find the specified network, but when I cehck the router I can see that there is an IP assigned to the MAC - however the app is unable to connect to the camera

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Btw that’s not the error message I get. Sometimes it’s a error number (don’t remember there numbers now, but it’s more than one) sometimes it’s stuck trying to obtain video feed, sometimes it says in the cameras group that one or more cameras are offline, but when I select that one camera to se it individually it works fine, sometimes a camera I’m watching will freeze. Sometimes one or more cameras wont work, and after restarting the android app, they do, but sonetimes others stop working. It’s literally about 100 to 200 little issues like that, per day, since the upgrade yesterday.

I updated my V2 last night to and now am having lots of connection issues. Camera is constantly disconnecting and having trouble reconnecting. Before the Update, ZERO issues. Bought the camera a few weeks ago at a retail store.
Always fails when I use speak, and often fails when I use replay. Sometimes it will stay connected, especially if I don’t try and watch it. Also, when it disconnects and fails to connect, the camera does NOT record to memory card. There are gaps in the playback, at every time I tried to watch it.
It gives me error 27 after it fails to connect. Nothing on my network changed. Also sometimes it will say busy network use 360, but no other devices on network except one phone.
It’s useless now.
I even moved the camera right next to WiFi router. No better.
Sometimes the app (iOS) will crash.
Status light stays blue when it disconnects. Then after a minute or two it appears to re-start, status light goes from blue to off, then amber then blue/amber flashing then blue flashing then solid blue. Then it is re-connected but as soon I try to access the camera, it fails again.
Wish I could roll back the firmware. Not worth the added thumbnails in the app.
Oddly, sometimes it will remain connected and all the functions work, like speak and playback and it playback is fast and responsive. It’s intermittent. Testing this now and wasting too much time on it


Except for your gaps in the playback when playing from the SD cards, and the fact that I’m running the android app, I’m suffering from exactly the same problems as you. Today since I got up I had to reset everything 11 times already, including my whole network, I’ve restarted the app and power cycled the cameras, and now it’s been working mostly fine (only about 10 times I’ve briefly lost connectivity of a camera) for the past hour. It’s extremely disruptive.


I also am having endless connectivity problems suddenly. I have V2 cams upgraded to and also ones still running They are all suddenly having repeated connectivity problems.
Have done the usual litany of restarting and cycling everything, including router.
Also as posted in separate thread the app is eating cellular data while on wifi. Just got notice this morning from ATT that I’ve used 90% of the 1GB of overage days added to my plan yesterday mid day. @Loki @WyzeGwendolyn, @NumberOne - related possibly/likely?

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I understand. My reply was to @gugldorf. (Forum hint: on the top right side of each post shows who the post is in reply to.)

I upgraded all of my cameras to firmware I don’t have these connection issues. Could it be location dependent? Might be a server issue.