V2 Cam no longer detects motion

Seems one of my original V2 cameras died as it no longer detects any motion. Guessing it must be a hardware fail? Anyone else have this problem with an older V2 camera?

Have not seen that, but I hardly ever use motion detection. Suggestion, move the camera to a location where you don’t care about notifications.

Is it no longer working at all? Or just not saving clips? Live view works ok? What have you done for troubleshooting? Verified settings? Reset camera?

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No longer working at all. Not detecting any motion. I’ll have to double check the live view. Verified settings, reset camera. I don’t check events daily but noticed one camera had no events for a few days and it always sees some activity. It’s been disconnected for some time now so I can plug it back in and check it again.


Motion tagging on, detection zone off, 100 % sensitivity, no motion detected. Seems to be dead.

You might have success if you delete the camera and then add it as a new device.

Motion tagging is only the green overlay on the screen, has no effect on any other settings, just a visual thing. What are your event recording settings for that camera? Able to post screen shots of your different settings pages? Maybe fresh eyes on them will see something amiss.

Understand and thanks for the help. I set up a spare V2 camera the same way in the same location and it detects motion and sends alerts. Pretty sure the first one is dead. Lack of a green overlay with motion tagging on kind of sums it up.

Firmware up to date? Never heard of a camera that had a working lens that couldn’t identify motion before.

Yep, firmware up to date. Can’t think of anything else to check. It is very odd.

What firmware is in the camera? What about the settings pages?

1 Like same as all the other V2’s. Same page settings.

Worth a try.

Nope… out of about a dozen cameras this is the only one that won’t detect motion. Guess it’s just a monitor now but I got my money’s worth out of it.

This may be too late, but IF the camera is still under warranty, you could request a replacement from Wyze. You would need a proof of purchase to substantiate the warranty claim.

Not a big deal, the camera will be 2 yrs old so I got my money’s worth out of it. Plus I can still use it as just a monitor. Just wanted to post about the issue for reference in case anyone else sees the same thing.

Mystery solved!

One last option was to back off the latest version of firmware.

Reverted back to .199 and I have motion detect. :+1:

Not sure why this camera doesn’t like the latest version of firmware? :thinking:

It will be interesting to see what happens on the next release of firmware.

Should submit a service log to Wyze.

Now that it’s working again, you should reload and see if the problem reoccurs to rule out a bad update/firmware load.

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Did that already. :wink:

No detection with .241 firmware.