V2 "All Motion Events" recording setting doesn't stick

I noticed I was getting far fewer events recorded lately, so I went in to check settings on all my cameras. I found that all the cameras which have the settings “All Motion Events” (vs. “Smart Dectection Events”) in the event recording settings were set to Smart Detection Events, which is not what I want.
I was able to change my V3, PanV3, and OG cams to “All Motion Events,” back out of the setting, go back in and find that setting was retained. My V2 and PanV2s, though will NOT keep the 'All Motion Events" setting after backing out and going back in. Tested dozens of times with multiple phones. Very frustrating and time wasting. I have CamPlus Unlimited and an SD card in every cam, all latest firmware, but not continuous recording, I only want motion events recorded.
Can anyone else confirm this with their equipment? Thanks
Video of this happening

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Exact some issue here!