Wyze Cam Pan V2 Event Recording

I have a few Cam Pan’s some V1 some V2.

On iPhone go to Event Recording and turn on “Record Motion Events” then click “All Motion Events” when you close and come back it auto switches back to “Smart Detection Events” – “All Motion Events” will not stay selected on both generations of cam.

I have the pan v3 so I can’t test this, but there seems to be a server bug where modified app settings don’t stick.

That would definitely make sense. I turned off Cam Plus on one of the cameras too, to see if that was the issue and that didn’t change anything, and now that you say that, that setting didn’t stick either. The cam that I removed from Cam Plus was not removed.

Have you tried logging out of the app then back in?

Yes, Tried that, cleared cache as well, logged out. Killed App. Opened App. Logged in. Still no change.