Can’t turn off “Smart Detection”

I’ve noticed a few people mention this but none of the posts provided a solution.

In the iOS app, under Settings > Event Recording, when I toggle “All Motion Events”, the moment I come back to the setting, it’s changed back to “Smart Detection Events”.

Video of the behavior

I’m using an iPhone 13 with iOS 17.5.1.

I have a Wyze Cam v2 with firmware version

I also have the Cam Plus subscription.

Lastly, I don’t have any rules set up and I’ve tried clearing the cache, restarting the cam, syncing the cam and even restarting my phone.

Any help on fixing this so I can record all motion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I’m having the same exact issue on all three of my V2 cams on the Cam Plus Unlimited Plan. I put in a ticket today with a log as I have tried everything possible on my end. V3 and V4 cams are working as normal.

Also having this issue with v2.

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@WyzeDesmond - Can you help with this issue? Tickets are in but the support email team is in the same ol’ cycle of sending copied/pasted clips from the help files again with no real communication or help - I’ve received the same exact help files from 2 people so far : (. There are several posts on here in different topics about this issue on V2 cams over the last month.