Smart detection events recording being ignored

I have several v3 cams, and my one Battery Cam Pro that are ignoring the setting to only record “Smart detection events”.
They are also recording all motion events. They are however correctly tagging and recording smart detections (person and pet). Its just that I have a lot of recorded events tagged as “motion” as well. These do not have a person, pet, vehicle, or package in them, just motion of some sort. These are not false positives, they are correctly tagged as motion.
This does not occur on all of my v3 cams, just some.
I have compared the Event recording settings and they are all identical, Firmware is identical I have Cam Plus Annual Unlimited.

This problem does not occur on the v2 pan, v3 Pro, and Floodlight Pro, FWIW. They only record smart events just fine, as do a couple of my v3’s.

Any thoughts?

I am wondering if it is one of those issues that some experienced in the past where the App was showing the toggle as having been turned on, but the server wasn’t getting the message for some reason.

Usually when it does that though, exiting and reentering the settings shows the toggle in its previous state even though it was changed.

Have you tried turning it off and then going thru the cache clear, logout, power cycle sequence before turning it back on and repeating? Just to see if the toggle will hold on the server and act right?

Are you on the Production App or Beta App?

Have you tried one on the latest Beta FW to see if it changes?