Event recording keeps auto swicthing off AI events

I have 10 Cam v3 devices all under the cam plus subscripiton. I only want AI events to be recorded as the motion only never really worked due to too many false events being recorded up to the cloud and using un-needed wifi bandwith. AI events only has been working ok, except for the fact that pet detection barely ever works anymore, where I can have multiple racoons clearly visible in the live feedback that did not trigger any pet detections. And then even worse issue recently where for what ever reason all 10 devices auto switch the AI event recording to motion event recording, this happens multiple times throughout the day. I created a wyze support ticket which was closed with no resolution. Not happy with the service which is going further down hill as tie passes

:rofl: I have all my cams V3, V4, V3 Pro, WOC set to AI events but one V3 has changed itself to All motion events about 3 times in the last week. I just restart the cam from a smart plug and the AI setting will remain for another few days.
All my nightly :raccoon: (s) always get tagged as Pet on my critter V3 Cam.

@chris_hall, check out thread “Strange changes for events and notifications” for a full discussion. This is not a v3 problem. It is affecting almost every cam model on cam plus and unlimited. Wyze wizards are fully aware. Other threads have been opened also to bring this problem to light and get some traction in a quick (don’t hold your breath) fix.