V3 pro not detecting any smart events

Setup my v3 pro to replace my v3. It will not report any ai events. Theyre all checked on. No vehicle, person, package… nothing. I know we went from cloud ai to in device ai, but nothing is being detected. Ive checked and checked to make sure ai detection is on… and it is…

Any help gents?

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Are you talking about not getting notifications or event videos?
My Pro is set like this for recording:


Smart events. Yep they’re on. This is all motion as you see. There are 0 person events, even when i had it set just like yours. I have it set to all motion since smart will not record anything.

How do i contact suport besides the forums and hope for it? Lol dont see supprt option

Maybe faulty camera, i dont know.

You can contact support at support.wyze.com


Having the exact same issue with my V3pro, please share if you find a solution.

Well the smart detection events are not really that smart anyway. It is good if you just want person, package and pet but if you turn on Vehicle your events page will be full of Vehicle events of your vehicle parked in view of the camera. I just deleted about 60 videos of my parked truck in the driveway. They were recorded between 10 AM and 12:10PM today. I usually just turn the vehicle setting on at night before I go to bed.

Id rather have 79 vehicle notifications in an hour vs 210 motion lol.

I actually disabled vehicle and just have person notification for my v3.

Now i csnt have thst either

Check your filter settings. I had to reset most of mine, using the filter menu.

It has nothing to do with filter settings. If i enable person or any other smart detection its all blank. It only records motion and smart detection is not working. Still waiting to hear from wyze. What a mess.

Same issue here…

I have noticed since switching out my v3 for a v3 pro in the same exact window mount that I rarely get vehicle notifications. occasionally I will but not nearly as much as the original v3 did.

seems like a firmware issue as the v3’s seem to operate better on the AI – the pro’s have more built in AI for faster notifications so its likely something related to that.

I had a similar problem. No registered AI events (or vary rare) on various cameras, just motion detected events.
After having replaced a couple of v3 cams with v3 pro cameras it started to work. This was however before I dialed in the detection zones. Once I reduced them to what I felt was appropriate (15-20 squares) AI detection stopped working. :pensive:
So I opened up the detection zone to include a lot more of the image and it started to work again. :+1:
It may be that AI detection is now bound by the detection zone, but I cannot be certain. This has been a requested feature for a while, but honestly I would like the choice.
Can anyone confirm a similar experience? Does AI detection seem to be only applied to motion in the detection zones?