Unable to turn off Vehicle Notifications

Ever since we bought the Cam V3 (two months ago) we have been able to record Vehicle and Person events while only being notified of Person events. That suddenly changed for both my wife and I (both using iPhones) the night before last. We managed to wrestle the app to the ground and get that fixed for a few hours but the problem started up again early this morning.

We did try some basic troubleshooting like turning Smart AI Detection on and off, and rebooting the camera, but no luck. For now we get notified every 5 minutes as a car drives by. What we’re hoping for is to be notified a few times a day when a person walks through our driveway. Is there a start-to-finish step-by-step any where to record events turn off notifications for certain AI event types while still recording them?

I’m still lost in the app–it seems to change frequently and is inordinately complex for my tired old brain. I have seen similar posts to mine but the solutions show screens that I can’t find.

Our v3 is on firmware and the app tells me it is up-to-date.

This works for me: Event Recording on, smart detections on> Person only selected> Notifications Detects WYZE AI events only. I currently have it turned off which is why it states I have to enable push notifications. The camera still records everything but just get notifications for person.


Hi Antonius. Thanks for the details! Regarding the screens you have posted: my screens look exactly the same. But I’m still getting notified about Vehicles.

May I ask what version of firmware your camera has, and what model it is?

Try pulling the power cord on your cameras for a few seconds. Also clear the App Cache.

Thanks! I had already restarted my phone, and both my wife and I have the same problem, so the app cache wouldn’t be it. It appears to be at the server end as it was fixed for several hours on both phones after I had restarted notifications. But then the problem started up again with no change at our end. What camera do you use and what firmware version?

Note we are working around the problem by limiting notifications to a particular region of the image.

I have v3 cameras on firmware and

IOS app version

Also, I am using Csm Plus Lite.

If you’re still experiencing this, it’s a confirmed bug, perhaps unconfirmed, unknown, unidentified, and unresolved by Wyze. I had the reverse problem: Not being able to turn on ANY Wyze notifications for several weeks despite doing everything you did within both iOS and the app settings with both being the latest versions. The Fix: Delete Wyze App then Reinstall Wyze App. I hope that helps!