Notifications only for persons, not vehicles?

Is it possible to only be notified for Persons and not all selected Smart Detection events that are setup for recording? I have recording setup for persons, vehicles and pets, but I only want a notification for persons as we have vehicles go by more frequently. Right now on the iPhone app the only notification option is for “Detects Wyze AI Events” but doesn’t but doesn’t let me select only the person detection for notifications.

So it seems I either have to change my event recording options to remove vehicles to only get notifications for persons, which I definitely don’t want to do. Am I missing anything? If not, is there a place for formal app enhancements?

In Event Recording, I uncheck Vehicles. Vehicles are still recorded as clips but, tagged as motion. In Notifications I have detect Wyze AI Events turned on and detects any other motion turned off. Give it a try and see if it works for you.


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Yes. It is possible on the V3, however it will depend on the firmware you have on the cam.

Firmware versions 4.36.9.xx and before ( being the latest) do NOT have this capability.

Firmware versions 4.36.10.xxxx ( being the latest) do have this capability.

Unfortunately, there are currently no OTA firmware updates at this time if your V3 cams are on The 4.36.10.xxxx firmware releases prior to .3406 created some serious issues and had to be halted. is only being OTA Updated to those on prior 4.36.10.xxxx versions.

Once proves stable, it should be released for all V3. If not, I would expect another Beta round.

This is what the updated notifications page with Smart AI specific toggles looks like: