How to get only People Notifications

Is there a way to get notifications for only People? I want all the Cam Plus stuff to be recorded/tagged (vehicle, pets, motion, etc) but only want a notification for when People are detected.

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Depends on the V3 firmware you are using. I am testing Beta version: With this version you can select what you want to detect and record as well as what you want to be notified of. I normally Detect / Record on all Motion on some cameras, but only notify of Pets or Person. Below are some images of what I have:

Event Recordings                     Notifications

If you want to become a beta tester go here:


That is perfect!!! Any issues with this version? Should I beta test it too?

I have the Beta on one of my V3 (of 10) to test it out and have been getting good results. This is the 4th build of this beta so most of the really nasty bugs have already been exterminated.

Not only do you get the AI specific notification toggles, but this beta also brings support for 256GB SD cards to record to full capacity, improved video quality, and it fixed my IRNV auto disengage threshold issue.


I use the beta as well, it works perfectly. Highly recommend joining the beta program for this device. when the update is released officially you can always leave the beta program.

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I’m confused by this. I have cam plus unlimited with all 8 cameras I own assigned, and I don’t get the options to filter notifications by AI detection etc.

I’m on latest app 2.38.3(3)

This is a feature produced by the cam firmware, not the app version.

It was pushed to the V3 in firmware version 4.36.10.xxxx

If you are on, it isn’t yet available for OTA update.

See this post for more info:

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You might also check out Cam Plus Lite and see if it meets your needs.

OP already has CamPlus Unlimited 99 cam license.

CamPlus Lite does not include Vehicle, Pet, or package detection, limits video to 12s, and imposes a 5 minute lockout cooldown timeout between video events.

CamPlus Lite cams will have the same notification limitations on firmware as cams on CamPlus. It is a limitation of the firmware, not the subscription plan.


Thanks for your responses. I will await for a firmware update then. Any ETA?

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No ETA that I am aware of. Not sure what the reason is for it still being limited.

If you follow that link though, there are links over there to update manually if you don’t want to wait.

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Thanks. I have 8 outdoor cameras and manual update would be hell.

Do you know if I sign up to beta whether the newer version would be pushed OTA?

The newer version is not a Beta. It is not available via the Beta OTA update process because it is technically a Public OTA Release, albeit a very limited one only to previous 4.36.10.xxxx FW.

There is currently no Beta FW in testing for the V3 so no Beta is available to OTA update.

However, If you do sign up for the Beta Program and a new Beta update is released for testing, you would be eligible for an OTA update of that Beta FW.

Right now, for those on, the only choices are to:

  • Wait for the full public release
  • Wait for a new Beta release
  • Manual Flash update

Still no fw upgrade and it’s been months. What’s going on here?!!

A new firmware for V3s I in beta right now. It looks good so far, haven’t seen any bad reports. I’m guessing it will be released to public pretty soon. The app is also at 2.40.0 (3) beta. That one does not look very promising.