People notifications on Cam Plus

I have one V3 on Cam Plus that stopped detecting people at all. I tried to fix this by resetting the detection settings. Now it is sending me notifications for everything including every car that drives by my house. There used to be a screen to choose what to get notified about, but I can’t find it. The account page notifications screen allows me to add cameras. The camera specific page allows me to turn on Wyze detected AI events, but NOT which AI events.

Is the screen gone that allows me to choose which AI events to get notified about? It’s pretty useless to me if I can’t turn off everything except people events.

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Cam specific Notifications Settings:

Open cam to live view. Click Settings :gear: Gear in top right, select Notifications. If your cam is enrolled in CamPlus, you should see the word Plus next to notifications:

Then select when you want notified (AI vs Any Other Motion)

If you have Sound Detection on in the Detection Settings, you can set that too. Mine is off.

Under Event Recording in the settings, you can select which AI events you want recorded by pressing the Smart Detection, and by extension, which will send notifications for AI events in the last step when you select Detects AI Events Notifications.

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My one cam with Cam Plus (V3) is set as shown above except I have Person, package and Pet. My 4 WCO have cam plus lite and the all will tag person as set. And yes I also get all the notifications which is why I turn them off during the day when home.

Thanks. This is what I needed.

As an aside, the reason I started this question was because Person Detection stopped working for 1 of my v3 cams. When I turned it off and turned it back on (on the Smart Detection screen) it failed. I assume this is why Person detection stopped working. I very briefly got the error message below.

Please note I did NOT touch the Friendly Face switch, even though the error message has that in the message. I only tried to enable Person Detection and it would not let me enable it. I had to delete the camera and re-add it to get Person Detection to start working again.


Sorry you had to do that. It may be a bug in the app causing the incorrect error. It is unfortunate you had to delete and reinstall. That is what caused the reset to the notifications.

I do not believe the V3 cam has ever had the capability to set AI event specific notifications. You get notified for any AI you have set to record.

The feature you mentioned IS available on the PanCam (see screenshot below) and may be available on other Wyze cams, but not the V3.

The v3 does have the same ability as the Pan Cam. The screen you pointed out to me is available for the V3 as well. I’ve had my Cam set to only notify me of person events since the v3 came out. I just couldn’t remember what screen it was on, which you helped me remember.

Thanks for your help.

Take a look at the notifications settings screenshots for the V3 as compared to the Pan that I posted above. They do not have the same settings capability. The Pan is able to set Smart AI specific notifications independent of the Smart AI Event recording, the V3 cannot do that.

On the V3, the Smart AI notifications are dependant on the Smart AI Event Recording settings. You can’t change the specific Smart AI notifications in the V3 without changing the Event Recording.

The Pan also has expanded AI recording for specific sounds that the V3 does not,

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to indicate ALL the settings for the two are the same. I know the Pan tracks and moves, so they wouldn’t have the same settings. This discussion is only about Person Detection Notifications.

My point is the nuance you spoke of in your last post has the exact same impact to me. It’s an app thing not a camera capability thing. Person detection came out for the V2, and the app allowed users to only get notified for person events. The same was/is true for the v3. The Smart Detection options, which are server side capabilities not actually in the cameras, have nothing to do with what gets recorded. They only impact how a video is labeled and the resultant notifications. So disabling all but person detection means all movements generating a video, including cars, the videos are labeled “motion” except videos with people in them. Moving vehicles still generate “motion” videos even if the Vehicle option is off in Smart Detection. This is the simply the screen the app uses to set labeling and smart notifications on.

The app has changed over time, which is why I had forgotten where to go to set the flag.

I have no doubt the options for a pan are more granular.

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