AI notifications gone from camplus?

So I’ve spent a couple of the most frustrating hours of my life with tech support over the last couple days.

I am unable to receive AI only notifications. I don’t even have the option in my notification screen. I am only able to toggle all motion or all sound. There are no other options.

Cam v3 - says up to date
Camplus paying user
iPhone 13
App- says up to date

Tech support is now saying that this isn’t available for v3 cams, only v2. Which seems totally bonkers. I think it is a bug in the app, but they are saying this is just how it is.

All I want to do is get notified for ONLY the AI events. Ideally only the ones that I choose (eg, people only). Camplus should do this, right???

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with this. Can you provide a picture of what you are seeing. I have the FW on one of V3’s as you but running the beta App.

In the meantime, I would try this as it seems to help in cases like this:

  • Go to the Camera and live Stream
  • tap on the Settings icon
  • go to Notifications and turn off all notifications toggles ending with the Main notification toggles
  • go to Event Recordings and turn off all recording toggles ending with the main Event Recording Toggle
  • Back out to the Home Screen
  • Go to Account > Services
  • Remove the Camera from the Selected Service
  • back-out to the main Account Menu and log out of the app (Make sure you know your 2FA if used and Password)
  • Restart your Device
  • Log back in,
  • Go back to Services > Cam Plus and add the Camera back
  • Back out to the Main Home Page
  • Live Stream the Camera
  • Go To Settings
  • Go To event Recording - Turn off the toggle for Event Recording First and back out to the Live Stream
  • The Go Back to Settings
  • Turn on the Main Event Recording Toggle and all other options you would like set including AI
  • Go back to Notifications, turn on the Main Notification Toggle and turn on all other options, you should see AI options as well.
  • Back out to the Live Stream again

Now you may ask why we turn off the Event Recording and then back on after you did the reboot and the camera back to Cam Plus. Well, there appears to be a glitch which will set the Event Recording on when you add to Cam Plus, but the Notification will not be available to toggle. By turning it off and then back on triggers the app and save process to say you have Event recordings on.

In any event, hope this helps, please report back and let us know


EDIT: @spamoni4 beat me to it! Good job buddy

I think Tech support misunderstands what you are saying. V2’s can select individual detections on the notifications area like this:

While the V3’s have notifications like this:

So, there is still a toggle to turn on Wyze AI notifications, and if you are not seeing that, then there is a problem. It indicates the camera is not recognizing that you have cam plus assigned to it. What you need to do is go to the Account tab:

Select Services:

Then on the Cam Plus tab at the top:

Assign the cam plus license to your V3 cam

If it is already assigned, maybe unassign it for a minute and then reassign it to see if that resets the recognition or something.

Then go back into the cam settings, and select Event Recording

Toggle on Detect Motion and enter into Smart Detection

Toggle on the detections you want

Go back to the main settings menu and go to Notifications (it should say Plus on it)

And toggle on Notifications and “Detects Wyze AI Events”

Let me know if that helps fix it for you or if you are still having problems


This sequence worked, thank you!


You’re absolutely right, tech support is/was very confused, and no matter what I did, screenshots, etc., I just could not get through.

Why would the v2 have more functionality than the v3 in this department (ie, why can v2 be selective for which AI detections send notifications, but v3 cannot)? It’s not the camera itself that is processing the data and making a determination about what kind of detection it is…is it? I always assumed that would be done in the cloud.

Those options are coming for the V3 as well. The cameras needed a firmware update to support it, and Wyze said it should be released here soon. They actually tried to release it into beta testing recently but there was a problem with that firmware version so they had to go make some fixes first. They are going to try to push it into beta testing again soon with the updates and if all goes smoothly it should get released to everyone soon. Some of the functionality for this involves making both cloud and firmware compatible with it. I don’t know all the details, but I am happy it is coming soon.

Sounds good, thx for the info.

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I have the same problem on a couple of my V2s.

Which sequence worked? spamoni4’s or carverofchoice’s?

Both :wink: , but give @spamoni4’s a run.


OK, I tried the steps that spamoni4 listed, but it did not fix my problem. In carverofchoice’s first picture, right under Notifications and PLUS, mine shows Notifications ON. Right under Notify Me When Camera, the toggle for Detects Wyze Events will not turn on. None of the toggles will turn on except Detects Sound. I have several V2s and some work like they are supposed to and some work like this one. Any other suggestions?