“AI” notifications setting missing from iOS app

In Settings/Notifications/Notify me when camera:

on Android there are THREE options:
Detects Wyze AI events
Detects any other motion
Detects sound

on iOS there are only TWO:
Detects motion
Detects sound

Why is this? Will my cameras be incapable of “AI” motion responses if I configure them via iOS?

I did notice that of late I am getting far fewer “person detected” etc. notifications…

For my CamPlus Lite cameras, I have this in iOS:

For CamPlus:

What app version is your Android phone using?
What app version is your iOS phone using?

…Latest that are available for download…

Android 2.29.0 (114)

iOS (actually iPadOS) 2.29.0 (a25)

…I’ve also noticed just now that even within Android, the notification options for AI events are different for different camera types. e.g. for a PTZ (1st version), when “Detect Wyze AI events” is turned on, a list of 4 AI types with individual toggles show.

Yet, when I turn on “ Detect Wyze AI events” on my v3 no such list appears.
One would assume that the more recent V3 camera would have had more options - but it seems the opposite…

This is confusing, yet typical of what I’ve seen at various points in the past with Wyze software. There needs to be more consistency…

Do you have CamPlus for all your cameras? The AI settings only apply to that service.

Due to popular demand, Wyze released “Cam Plus AI - Provide separate AI Detection and Notification options” for all cams types except Cam v3. This new feature provides the ability for users to independently select which AI Event types will generate a notification on cams with a Cam Plus subscription. The v3 firmware for this feature is undergoing development/testing. When completed, released and applied, your v3 notifications settings page will appear the same as your other cam types.

Current Cam Plus v3 notifications settings page:

Future Cam Plus v3 and current other cam types notifications settings page:

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Thanks for that. It explains the differences between the cameras… But why would the iOS app version by showing less notification options (i.e. is missing “Detects Wyze AI events”) than the Android app?

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It’s was a bug in the iOS Wyze app version 2.29.0.

You need to update your Wyze app. The latest version is 2.29.1 (a6).

…no change for me - and I just downloaded 2.29.a (a6).

(for some reason I cannot copy/paste an image of it here - working off iPad…)

…sorry 2.29.1 (a6)…

Try logging out of the Wyze app, restart your iPad and log back in.

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…did that. No difference… (and I still can’t paste a photo/screenshot…)

I am using 2,29.1 (a6) on an iPhone SE (original) with iOS 15.3.1 and not getting AI Person notifications in spite of the options for my Cam V2 with Cam Plus being enabled. A few releases ago I was getting notified for any AI notification but now it is quiet. I checked to make sure I have the Wyze Notifications enabled in the iOS settings.

FIXED? So, someone once mentioned toggling the settings. I went into my Wyze Cam V2 Settings / Notifications (PLUS) and turned off and on the relevant sliders (Person Events, Wyze AI Events and Notifications. I am not sure of order as I did it a couple ways. Then I walked out and got the notification (actually two showed up on my lock screen so I may have more than one method enabled). Now we’ll see how things go.

When will this feature be available? i see the AI Notification options (Person Events, Package Events, etc) with my V2s, but not on my V3s. My V3s are the outside cameras, I want to record vehicle and pet events, but I only want notified of people events.