Cam v3.0 Notifications for Person Detection Only, Not All Motion

I don’t want to be notified when wind blows a tree, cloud cover changes, or motion is detected, but I do want to be able to be notified when a person is detected. With v2.0 I had the option for motion, sound, and person detection for notifications. With v3.0 motion and person detection is all in one.

Does the camera have Cam Plus? Cam Plus is required for Wyze AI on V3 cameras.

I do have Person Detection (Pilot) and one Cam Plus purchase/services. I was able to add all v2.0 cameras to the Person Detection services tab. My Cam Plus purchase doesn’t allow me to select the 3.0 camera. As always, thank you.

Do you have a trial version of Cam Plus that came with the V3. I did and until the trial period is over, I cannot add it to my primary Cam Plus subscriptions.

Also - when I first setup my V3, the Android phone I was using did not show anything related to CamPlus in the settings area, however, my iPhone did. 24 hours later, it showed up and I could see the AI Alerts option. My iPhone worked without issue. Meaning, the AI Selection was available even though I did not see it on the Android Phone.

Only Cam Plus person detection will work with V3s. Make sure your camera’s firmware is updated by going to the camera settings, then device into, then update firmware. You’ll need the newest firmware for Cam Plus.

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what another dissappointment. my v2 all have person detect (pilot) subscipition applied to them and i also have a purchased Cam Plus annual subscription that I can’t apply to the new v3 for some reason - shows all my other cameras to select from except v3. I have free trial to the new v3 cam i hooked up but didn’t even bother with it. on the new v3 cam i got motion detection alerts all last night and this morning from passing cars with headlights on. I just wanted notifications for person detections as i had set on my 2.0s. Now looks like I might need to buy Cam Plus subsciption for all my cameras or just stick with my 2.0s and send these back after waiting a long time to finally get them. seems like settings, subscriptions, offers, features, etc changes daily at Wyze along with sometimes making things a little confusing for the user experience - many things could be simplified. As a huge improvement, the video quality of the v3.0 is amazing both day time and night time even without IR turned on. Thanks.