Wyze cam V3 with free trial cam plus does not give person option under notification

Just received Wyze Cam V3, set it up and signed up for cam plus free trial. I turned on person detection under Wyze AI detection in the active trial license which shows Cam Plus as an active subscription under services. When I click settings/ event recording and turn on detects motion then turn on notifications it only gives me optons for motion and sound but no person or Wyse AI detection. Please help.

Hello @rickg1950 and welcome to the community.

In the app have you assigned the Cam Plus subscription to the cam in question?

I believe so. I go into my account, devices, cam plus under active subscriptions, hit the camera name under active trial licenses , turn on person detection under Wyze AI detection , then go to settings for the camera , hit detects motion under event recording and then when I hit notifications the only choices are motion or sound, I turn on motion but there is no person or AI option. I get a notification every time a light turns off or on.

So when you go to the Cam Plus trial under services, is there a check mark next to the camera?
If not check mark it and click activate. If there is try going into the cam settings and restarting the camera and also closing the app completely and reopening and see if that does anything.

Thanks for your prompt response. This morning the Wyze AI button showed up under notification and I was able to turn it on. There must have been a delay between when it said it was activated and it was really available of several hours… Thanks again.


Thank you for coming back and updating.

I have been having this same problem for days. Installed the v3 camera several days ago. Same exact problem with the free 2 week trial. Assigned the trial to this v3 cam. Following same resolution to turn on person notification. But in the camera itself no Ai Person Notification is selectable.

I just opened a third case with Wyze since the first two cases I’m wondering if they went into the abyss. :slight_smile:

So I think that this is a more widespread issue?

A little more searching on the web… others too https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/ka769m/got_the_new_v3_today_updated_firmware_and_lost/

Same issue for me, no personal detection, just motion and it’s very sensitive to motion. Went through all the checklists and no resolution. Tried all kinds of combinations to get it working, no luck. I am getting the longer video clips. Unable to add the free trial to other cameras as advertised.

I have personal detection on one of my other cameras that works fine, better than cam plus. Have to say, at this point, cam plus is not worth paying for.

Just setup a new V3 and I have the same issue. Wyze sure has changed over the past year, and not for the good. Support is almost none existent, and if you do get a reply it will be a form letter with little help.