Person Detection (Pilot) - Wyze AI Events Notifications

I have the legacy person detection service enabled and am using the beta app. Should I have a Wyze AI events check box in my notifications area like my Wyze V3 cams with Cam Plus? I currently do not. If I should, how do I remedy this?

Make sure that person detection is enabled on your camera:
How to enable person detection
Legacy person detection is only person detection. You’ll need Cam Plus for any other AI detection.

I have it enabled. I was expecting to see Person Detection or Wyze AI Events under the notifications. Is that not an option?

You should have that option. It may be similar to sound and require the camera to record events. Try turning on events recording.

I have motion events recording.

I saw one part say that you should unsubscribe and re-enable but I’m scared to do that. I think I may lose my person detection on those cameras all together.

There’s a possibility of this so I wouldn’t try unless Wyze tells you to.

I don’t know why there isn’t a notification option for this. Was it showing in previous versions of the beta app? I haven’t had this issue.

It hasn’t shown since an update in October or so. I emailed support and they told me to leave the beta program to fix. I did temporarily and it didn’t fix anything. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling app and all the basic troubleshooting stuff they tell you to do. I was to the point that it was working as designed but I saw a screenshot from another post and it seems to be working for others.

It appears that it is a bug with the beta app. I reverted back to the production app and I have the Wyze AI Events flag. I wish this would be fixed. I like seeing many of the new features coming in the beta app but I don’t want to be bombarded with notifications.

Glad you figured it out! That’s part of why beta exists. Sometimes there’s bugs and beta testing helps to find them.

Wyze AI Events missing under camera alerts on/about Fri 29th - I got it back when I opened case #967988 here we are again late Jan I just did the upgrade to Pan and V2 Cam and again lost my Wyze AI Events under each of the 2 cameras - what the hell is going on? In order for me to get it back last month I had to remove and reinstall cameras where I was forced to select Cam Plus Trial - I explained to my support rep my displeasure of solving my missing AI Events with a Cam Plus Trial that expired within 10 days - here I am on the Community with the same issue - I have Person Detection (Pilot) under services both cameras selected yet no Wyze AI Events under camera notifications the last time a person was detected was Thursday.

Same issue here

I have the same issue. I am running the Wyze app on both an Android phone and an iPad. On the iPad “Wyze AI events” appear in the notifications. However, on the Android phone they have disappeared.
I am subscribed to person detection.
Can someone from Wyze tell me if they will fix this and when?

Same problem here as well. The camera’s are useless again… Please test your new app versions before deploying them to production…

Same problem . Stopped getting notifications on 1/29/2021. When I looked at events only motion showed up even when a person triggered the event. I opened a ticket (# 1024798) but nothing they suggested worked. After seeing a post somewhere I turned off Person Detection and notifications started working again for motion.

Getting notifications for motions is better than nothing but Wyze needs to fix this since their customers are paying for Person Detection.

Phone is running android 11
Wyze Cam V2 firmware 4.96.218
Wyze app v2.17.7

I opened a ticket - they claim to be aware of this issue #1029216

Up and running again as of yesterday.

did you have to do anything or was the fix on the server end?

Definitely server side. App and firmware are same as before (ie. 5 days ago). No changes initiated by me (ie. didn’t add/remove devices, register/unregister, log out/in, etc)… just waited for it to fix.

Mine still isn’t working. I still don’t have Wyze AI events on my Android app

Mine isn’t working either. I’ve lost those switches on my cameras with Person Detection Pilot