V3 person detection not supported

I read that person detection is not supported on V3 cameras. Is this true? If so, what’s replacing it?

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Cam Plus is Person Detection now.

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I have several cam v2 cameras that originally have the person detection feature. When Wyze lost the license to the original Edge Systems’ software, these cameras were supposed to get the replacement (server-based) person detection, as long as they are registered.

I registered all of my v2 cameras and they used to work fine. But now all of the cameras don’t have person detection. The app checkbox in the app is locked out.

Why am I not surprised?

Do you mean on the events page or the settings page?

On the events page theres a bug if you have legacy person detection that locks the button, but if you click the filter icon (top right next to the pencil) you can filter person alerts that way.

Thanks, I’ll try this, but as I have stated, this is Wyze, I’m not surprised. There’s a gazillion of them UI bugs. Software testing is a myth.

Edit: This didn’t work for me. However, now I notice that it says, “Person Detection (Pilot)”. Does this mean I was only on a short test period? I’m pretty sure I registered for the regular Legacy Person Detection. Oh well.

This one is fixed in the beta. Should be in the release version soon.

We’re missing the important part. A few months ago Wyze introduced a “name your price experiment”. If you didn’t sign up for that optionally free program, you are no longer entitled to free Person Detection, no matter how old your account and cameras. Did you sign up for the offer?

I filled out the name your price offer. My Beta App also still shows Pilot. Person Detection is working on my V2, a little better than before. My WCO is also tagging Persons, inconsistently. Sometimes better than the V2, sometimes the only motion that triggered a WCO clip is a person, no tag. With my V2, I can walk to my car and not set the person tag, yet other people walk by the car and are tagged.

I did.

And I found out that it delayed notifications. I turned it off and planned to only use the feature when needed. Now it’s off on all cameras, permanently.

In the app under Account > Services > Person Detection (Pilot), do you see a list of your cameras? Is there a note at the bottom thanking you for supporting the Wyze Person Detection program?
Is this where you are saying the cameras are locked?

I see my V2 and pan cams, but not my V3’s. Yes I’m paying for it. I’m not paying for the cam plus though.

The V3 is not compatible with legacy person detection.
CamPlus is the only way to get Person Detection on a V3.

Note that now there are three separate folks with three separate issues in this thread. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t ask if you were paying for it, I asked Is there a note at the bottom thanking you for supporting the Wyze Person Detection program?
Also asked if this is where the cameras are locked? Can you enable Person Detection (Pilot) for your V2 and Pan cams or not?

This. I believe this accurately addresses the original poster’s question.

Ipil60R34s’s situation is another matter.

This is extremely disappointing. I have had V2 for a long time and have 9 of them and love the feature. I don’t think I would have purchased V3 had I realized that the existing Person detection was not supported. I will be looking for a way to return the device. with the camera being $20 and then paying $24 a year for 10 cameras. It is no longer cost affective. Sorry, I really enjoyed the camera’s but I guess like all other companies you hook them in and then jack up the price.


You may not really person detection on every camera, and the V2s don’t need to be replaced, so perhaps a mix of a couple of V3s with (or even without) CamPlus and your V2s on legacy PD would work for you.

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You’re responding to the wrong person.

It took me awhile to respond because I did some experimenting myself. I’ll explain below, but the summary is: Wyze changed the UI paradigm that made it confusing for someone like me who used the previous version of the app.

In the Events page of the previous version, the “Person”, “Motion” and “xx Camera” were all proper radio buttons. The listed events depends on what combination of these buttons are depressed (highlighted).

So for example, if you depress “Person”, the list contains people events; conversely, if you unpress it, the people events are not displayed. That has changed; now that function is controlled from another page using toggle switches.

To be fair, that settings page existed before, but it also worked differently. It was only used to enable/disable the “Person” radio button.

Now that “Person” radio button in the Events page has a padlock icon and no longer works like a normal radio button. This is the confusing part. If you’ve been using the previous version of the app, you’ve now lost the visual response of the radio button.

Would have been better if they simply disabled the “Person” radio button, like made it grey. The padlock icon only made it worse, because I interpreted it that I don’t have that service.

I used to do UI on the desktop. I know a little about this subject.

I see that. They responded to the questions I asked you. I didn’t verify that it was the person I asked. :slight_smile:

I think that button will work in the next public release. It’s currently working in the beta version of the app. I believe it was just a mistake. I believe the lock was supposed to be there for people without Cam Plus and Person Detection.
I’m not sure the programmers are aware of what Wyze marketing is doing. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication.

Me too. I write a lot of employee used software and know a bit about how a UI is acceopted by the masses and what is going to confuse people. :slight_smile:

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Pity neither of you guys works for Microsoft or Google. Their products and services are rife with hide and seek disappearing buttons and scrollbars. The new Win10 control panels are nearly as bad as GMail.

The good thing about Windows 10 is you can search nearly any setting. There are search boxes everywhere.