Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video - on V3 Cameras

I have a Wyze Cam V2 with Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video Unlimited cameras for free. How will that be accommodated if I add a V3 cam?

I understand V3 cams come with one month Cam Plus. Will Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video Unlimited be automatically be added to my V3 Cam after the first month?

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The legacy “pay what you want” person detection is only for the v2 and pan cam. That was offered before the v3 was available. Here is a snip of the email that was sent many months ago when the legacy PD was offered.

The only way to have person detection on the v3 is through Camplus.


…which is a very nice and informative way of answering, “no”.


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Interesting, because after I posted this I called Wyze Support and was told it would be available for me if I purchase a WyzeCam V3 - - - after the 1 month free Cam Plus. I won’t all out the support person by name here, but I think I’ll call back again.

Can I get the ticket number that was created when you called? I’ll send that up so that we can make sure they are sending out the right answers to those that call about this. Don’t need the name, just the number and that’ll be enought to check up on your interaction.

I have no ticket number, only the name of the person I spoke with. I have called back and this time I was advised that the subscription displayed on the app
“Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video Unlimited cameras for free.” CAN be misleading because it is only unlimited for “COMPATIBLE” cams - those being V2 and Pan Cams… therefore not the V3 version as you advised earlier. I voiced my disappointment about getting the misinformation with the first rep. I gave that name to the 2nd rep who was documenting this all on my account and would track it back appropriately to team leaders so the misinformation isn’t given out going forward.

I also was able to find just now. It include this clarification. I wish I had just found it more easily and earlier without bothering to call support or post the question on this forum.

What does “Name Your Price” Person Detection include?

This program includes our original Personal Detection service, which gives you 12-second event videos in your Events tab. It is only available on Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan devices.

Disappointing, but not completely surprising. The rep did say to get correct support answers it’s best to make the phone call to them. Apparently not always.

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Sorry you got misinformation. Did the second call give you a ticket number? I am sure some channels I have would like to look into this, because getting good correct information out to the callers is very important. We can hit it from a few angles in hopes to fix this.

I just looked back and every email that I can find about the legacy person detection does say that this program only works for the v2 and pan cam somewhere in the email.

Thanks again for bringing this issue up and hopefully it can be addressed to be eliminated for the future.

I didn’t get or ask for a ticket number. Again, only a name.

Technically, person detection is available on v3, if you pay for Cam Plus. Maybe support was thinking that when they told you that?

@Omgitstony, maybe support needs to make the distinction between Cam Plus and Legacy person detection better. Especially when the question is about v3 and person detection.

Yep. I was hoping there’s be a way to track this mentioned interaction by a ticket number or something so that I’d have some evidence to send along so it could be refered to for training purposes. If @rg3171 wants, they can PM me the name, date and time of the calls, and I’ll send that up through my channels with a link to this thread and see if anything can be pulled and used for training. I am sorry @rg3171 had some trouble here and hopefully it can be turned into a learning point.

Thanks … but I was assured by the 2nd rep that it would be followed up and I also responded with enough information on the followup survey for them to know who and what to address.