Legacy users with Person Detection Only w/12-sec cloud video

I am a legacy account holder and I signed up for the Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video before the due date. When it was in the Pilot phase the “Person” tab was in the app. I signed up before the pilot closed and now those features are not showing up in my Wyze app to turn on. When I log into Wyze services the subscription is there but not in my Wyze app under services. I have uninstalled the app and updated the firmware and it still does not show up. It does refer me to sign up for Cam plus though. What I visually see missing is the" person" tab in the Wyze app, settings, notifications. It is recording 12 sec videos though for any motion. Also in the Wyze app, account, services, it does not show my subscription for the Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video. Is this working correctly or is something wrong. Thank you.

It’s not a tab, it’s a filter button (at least in my old version). I can’t confirm now but I think it only appears when there are PD events present?

In my notifications I can only select Motion & Sound. It used to show Person, Motion, Sound and I think All Motion, not sure on that one. In Events it does show Person, Motion and Cameras but if you select Person it takes you straight to the “Introducing Cam Plus remind me later screen”.

That was a bug I informally reported on the forum here. Wyze has promised to fix it in the app, but I don’t believe they have yet. Meanwhile it never affected me because of my old app version. If you use Android you can download an old app version from an APK site.