BUG: Name Your Price Breaks Person Filters

This has been noted by several forum posters. Once they sign up and pay for Name Your Price legacy Person Detection service, they can no longer filter Person Events. Instead, every time they try they are prompted to pay for CamPlus as well.

This is not how it worked before. Why would someone pay for person detection and then lose the ability to use it?

It is not acceptable.

Please fix it.


Bump 1. I’m having the same filtering issue after paying for person detection.


I was having this issue up to about an hour ago and now it is working. I logged on to this site and did the process again of signing up for the person service (I was part of the beta program) and now it works! I used $0.

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Same happens for me!
@WyzeDongsheng and/or @UserCustomerGwen can you submit this to the team?

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I’m not sure it’s the name your price thing. I was having that problem before I did name your price. Then after I signed up for $0 the problem went away for a day or two, and now the filter problem is back again without me changing anything. I did $0 as a test to see if it’s reliable before I even think of an actual dollar amount.


Ok, I spoke too soon, now I can’t filter by person anymore.

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Too bad, you were in the running for a coveted Solution tag. :frowning:

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I don’t have this issue. I’m a legacy user and I have subscribed during the weekend to PD. I’m on iOS.

Edit: Photos removed.

But that looks as if you have CamPlus, not Name Your Price PD. Your events are much longer than 12 seconds…

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Just edited my post🙂

Interesting. But that still makes you a CamPlus customer. The question is whether it ever works for Name Your Price ONLY customers… They are getting prompted to subscribe to CamPlus instead of being able to use the filter…

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Good question… I cannot try it. :thinking:

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I’ve never had this problem.
I’m currently using v2.13.119 but didn’t have the problem with previous beta versions either.

And you have recently signed up for Name Your Price PD and you do NOT have CamPlus?

I’m experiencing this problem as well. no CAMPLUS just NYPPD.

Correct on both points.
I actually signed up for PD before the email came out. I was in my account on Aug. 24 and noticed it as an option.

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Same problem. Working with support. Was told to add payment info for it to work. Added , but still not working. While in app if I go to Account, select Services, Person Detection, then return to Events, it works, but for that session only. If the app is closed, the problem returns.


mrbiome, hey that worked for me. But it would be nice if it was persistent.

can we add fake payment info? not looking to add credit card info for $0.00 monthly subscription fees.

Don’t think so as they test the card with a $1 temp charge which would be rejected.