Paid for Person Detection But It's Not showing In My Account or the App

So I got the email stating that the free person detection for pilot people ends 10/9 and becomes pay what you want. I went thru the link and gave my credit card to pay. It recognized my email and successfully charged my card. However, I never got confirmation email and neither my account thru my laptop or the app are showing my subscription. Can the Wyze folks fix this? Thanks,

I did this today. Go into your wyze app and it should come up that you have a new subscription to add and let’s you select what camera to add it to.

I don’t believe that @sirwmosler is referring to Cam PLUS, which is a per camera service. He’s referring instead to “name your price person detection” for PD (Pilot) customers which is a per account service. Reference the following thread that I started the other day to learn where to go to verify that you’ve subscribed. @UserCustomerGwen - shouldn’t we be able to verify this in the App itself under Account / Services / Active Subscriptions? Why the need to verify is on

Just signed up for Name Your Price PD


It does not come up that I have a new subscription. It also does not show it in my account.


Thanks @milehiguy. You are correct and your other thread’s procedure lets me see my “name your price” subscription in It does not show anything other than (pilot) in the app. Hopefully it will keep working after 10/9.


Same experience here , after 3 weeks of been charged I only continuing seen just pilot service.
Somebody found a way to correct this?
“name your price” subscription

The pilot was still active and provided the same kind of service so we had an awkward overlap time because we wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to register. Sorry for the trouble!

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