I chose to maintain Person Detection and paid. It is no longer showing up on the app

I was in the beta testing for Person Detection. I am giving Wyze a minimal amount to maintain this service, I now notice that I no longer have Person Detection on any of my five cameras. They are all updated to They have all been restarted. I have gone into both the Wyze app on my iPhone and the Wyze.com to look at services that I am currently able to access. The only one listed is the Emergency Button. I am not sure if it should show up in my orders history, but if it is, IT does not. So now I have a payment that Wyze will take each month, that does not show in subscriptions so even if I wanted to stop this service I can not. Any ideas??? In case you are wondering I have been using Wyze cameras for over a year, so I am grandfathered in so to say.

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Wyze employees don’t usually answer questions here.

You should try to get help through tech support. Post your ticket number in this thread. @WyzeGwendolyn may be able to help with this once you have a ticket to track.

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Thanks. I will give Tech support a try.

You could also perhaps try an older app version. I haven’t touched mine and the PD is still working…

Thanks for that suggestion, but I will let you know that I updated to the newest version (of the firmware for the cameras) yesterday when I noticed that the Person Detection had been removed. I thought that might do it. If you are talking about the app on my iPhone, as far as I know you cannot go backwards on the app unless you have jailbroken your phone.

Yes, sorry, I didn’t realize you were on iOS.

Sorry to be late here. Did this get resolved?

When it was an option, did you ever change your email address in your Wyze account, if you did it seems they just aliased the login…that has been my issue, using my updated app login takes me to the services page linked to my old email…no way to apply the service to the “account” with my devices…when you login to the service portal verify the email that shows on the top right drop down…it was interesting to find I could login to the same “account” with 2 different logins…same order history…but one with the PD service and the other with my cams…