Wyze Person Detection - My frustrated journey

Like everyone I got the notice to be grandfathered into Person Detection and had till 10/21/2020 to sign up which I did. I didn’t have a person detection tick box so I submitted a ticket. In my account you can see I was registered.

Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video
Unlimited cameras for free.

The support person (through email) “adjusted” my account and you can see in the account when he did and boom person detection appeared. Except they signed me up for the CAM Plus trial. I told them I didn’t want that and was assured that after the trial the 12-sec person detection would automatically revert back. I told them I’d let them know after the trial if there were any complications. We all know where this was going. Trial ends and I reply to our conversation. Ticket closed.

Talk to support chat for nearly 2 hours. I had to explain 3 times the Person Detection tick box wasn’t there. They kept wanting me to look at events and filters. I explained early on that I can SEE the person detection events, but am not getting notified of them. Their solution was just to turn on all motion. I said no thanks because I didn’t want every notified event of every car or the wind blowing the trees.

So at the end they had me submit a log and was told hopefully my person detection would be fixed in a future update. What?

Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t I have it already? I understand there are other camera options out there, but I have this one and it worked great till Apple bought the rights. They developed their own person detection and it seemed to work ok so I’d like to get it to work like it should.

Thanks for any help.

In the app under Account > Services, do you have Person Detection (Pilot)?
Are your cameras enabled there?

Are you referring to the Notifications section for each camera?
You have to enable Wyze AI Events now. This only shows up if you have PD enabled for the camera.
The CamPlus trial should not have removed Person Detection (Pilot).


So I obviously missed something. But more importantly two separate support people also never mentioned this. I’m guessing this works just the same? So why in Cam Plus it’s called Person Detection, but if you’re grand fathered in it’s Wyze AI Events?

Thanks for the heads up

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cam plus supports person detection on the camera its assigned to but also unlimited cloud footage…those two features.

the Wyze AI is being trained in beta for many things including person, pet, vehicle, and package detection…

Training and communication are very necessary for CS people.
It’s becoming evident that Wyze are not keeping their support people up to date on software changes.

I appreciate the help.


Thank you for this topic/question. I could not find PD in the regular settings where I thought it used to be. So if your a Cam Plus subscriber it’s under “account” now. Well now to wait and see how it works with new cameras.

Have the same problem. Lost person detect on 2 cams. It was working but now nothing. Have PD pilot showing the 2 cams in settings. Have push notifications turned on. Have wyze AI notifications on. Have started getting lots of motion detects (all bogus). No PD or ai detections. Added a new camera which is on PD plus trial but that seems to have killed the pd-pilot cams. Either that or the ai training is reset (after change to ‘wyze ai’ ?) . Either way appears PD detect in PD pilot is broken. Reluctant to instal the v3 cams I got until this is sorted out.

PD Pilot is working on my V2 and Pan cams.
PD Pilot doesn’t work on V3 cams snyway so shouldn’t be a concern. You will get the forced 14 day Cam Plus trial when you set them up.

As an update. I say mine is 95% accurate. It’ll tag a car here and there. It grabs about every person that walks down the street and 99% if I go through the yard

Good to hear it’s working for some. Have to do some walk testing next time I’m there (remote location).

Person worked great for me for months. For the last week it barely works. Person works around 10% of the time if that. I can stand in front of it waving and no person notification but if a piece of dirt blows by I get a motion notification. I’m very frustrated because I do depend on this camera.