Person detection issues

I paid for the person detection but not real happy with it. I find that it “sees” a person even if there is no one there. I goes off for cars passing by the house.

Is there something I need to do to fix this?

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Welcome to the Wyze community @tonyverhoeven!
How close is the camera to the cars?
How are the sensitivity settings set in the app?

Same here, got a ton of “Person detected” alerts today, reviewing videos showed no person or cars moving. Apparently WCO thought there was a person in the attached video. This happened multiple times today. Motion detection trigger I can understand, person detection trigger??

The WCO does not support Cam Plus or Person Detection.
Do you have other cameras, V2, Pan?

I am happy with person detection (subscription) installed in my Wyze Cam V2. It’s directed towards my front porch from inside a side window less than 7 ft away. I have the following 2 settings for the cam.

  1. In Event Recording, I enable only ‘Detects motion’ since my Wyze cam is mounted inside the window, I do not want sounds inside the house to trigger an event recording.

  2. I first tip my Wyze cam to focus on the sidewalk leading up to my front door and my front porch, then enable Detection setting > Dectection Zone and drag the corners of the detection Zone box to exclude everything past the edge of my front yard. The higher you cam is mounted, the more area your Wyze cam can monitor.

Since I’ve started using these two settings, I don’t remember receiving false notification announcement from Alexa, and we have not missed any Amazon or shipping deliveries.

Do you get notifications while a human is still at your door?
My PD notifications are usually long after the person has left. This is understandable since the clip has to complete, get uploaded, analyzed for people then the notification sent.

Humm, not sure why my WCO is tagging videos with person detection then. Weird

Are you using beta software / firmware?

Nope, just the latest updated firmware that wyze pushed out

One more thing: WCO shows up on my alexa app as a “Person detection” compatible camera and it announces when person is detected as well. I have no clue how all of this is getting triggered if WCO does not support person detection

I’m just going by what Wyze says. I think we’ve learned by now that may be a bad idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The option for person detection (not cam plus) was there for WCO at one point. It recently went missing (WCO cams no longer show up on the person detection page and the notification option is gone)

But it appears that if you had it turned on before they went away it still works.

Im curious if those experiencing this (having PD on WCO but not able to set/reset) are in beta program and on android because that would explain it all (current android app that was sent to beta is NOT a beta version)

I asked. In this case, no.

I am running all the latest updates. the camera is on my front porch probably 30 feet from the street.

My PD notification from Alexa is with 10 seconds of me opening the screen door and waving at the camera with PLUS subscription.

we recognized this issue and made a fix on last Friday. Can you check if the issue improves?

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