Person Detection - how to use?

Hey noticed person detection notice about that being available. I’ve tried to turn that on but I’m not getting any Events that come in as Person. They are still all Motion and lots of shadow movement still. I’ve been trying the WYZE Cam V2 out for about week and have slowly moved my Motion Sensitivity down for 75% (ridiculous) to LOW (1%) yet I still get shadow movement.

I tried playing with the Detection Zone to basically have a box about from knee to foot height (camera is positioned to left of door)…but it still catches a lot of shadow movement on the front entry way.

I wanted to try turning on Person detection but that still does not seem to be registering people? Not sure if the “Detection Zone” needs to be a rectangle big enough to capture the whole person? But if that’s the case it will definitely cause me to have more shadow and tree movements from the trees an bushes.

Anyone know how the “Person” detection is supposed to work exactly? and Tips on settings to avoid the false positives?


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Where is the person detection toggle or setting or switch to turn it on even at?

Make sure CMC is not applied to the desired cam. If it is, cancel the service on that cam or reassign the service to another cam.

Once you’ve eliminated CMC, enabling Person Detection is a twofold process… Enable person detection service and Set person detection notifications.

Enable person detection service:
From the Wyze app home page > Account (down at the bottom right corner) > Wyze Services > Person Detection (Beta)

Tap the toggle(s) to select the cam(s) you wish to enable for Person Detection.

Set person detection notifications:
Back up 2 pages to your Account page using the back arrow icon in the upper left corner. If you’re using Android, don’t use the Android back key/button to back out.

On the Account page select Notifications and then select the cam for which you activated Person Detection. Note that this is the same page as cam Live Stream > Settings (gear icon in upper right) > Notifications)

Toggle Send Notifications on
Toggle Person on
You may wish to turn the All Other Motion and Sound toggles off until you verify that Person Detection works.

Back out using the back arrow icon in the upper left corner.

Verify that your cam is set to record events: Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > Settings (gear icon in upper right) > Event Recording

At this point It should be working. I don’t think you need to restart the cam, but I did just for good measure.

Now either wait for a person event or create your own controlled scenario. The easiest scenario is to simply put the cam in an adequately lighted indoor space with the cam’s night vision mode off and simply walk into the room. You want the cam to detect your body before it “sees” your shadow so adjust the cam position or your path appropriately. When it works you’ll receive a notification labeled Person and the Event will be label Motion with a Person icon (note 3rd event down in the list). If you “mess up”, keep in mind that there’s a cool-down period between events, so you’ll have to wait before trying again.

If you’re using Person Detection on a cam with an outdoor view, you should use the Detection Zone feature to try to eliminate non-person triggers like moving shadows, swaying branches, blowing leaves, etc.

In the example above, I created a zone that eliminates low-hanging branches, the flag at the top of the view, the street to the right, and my house to the left. With this zone set, the cam detects a person leaving my house before it detects the storm door opening.


@Seapup - Nice work!

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Thanks! :blush: I’m bored over here with nothing better to do while recovering in the last stage of the darned virus. :mask:

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Yep that’s my setup as well. When it works it’s great, but then I will go through times like today where it just stops working. Then, with me not changing anything it will start working again. I suspect there are still some kinks in the backend being worked out. Here is another video that should have tripped a PD event, and on some days it has. Today, nothing.

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Congratulations on recovering!!!:speaking_head::mask:
Any spare antibodies?

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It looks like that should have been a PD trigger but there are too many variables to consider. I thought that there was a 3-4 hour period where PD wasn’t working yesterday afternoon, but it turned out that PD couldn’t “get in” between all the non-PD events and cool-down periods. I verified this by setting up 2 cams side-by-side, one with PD and one with CMC, both on continuous recording to SD. All the PD events that should have triggered were occurring during either a cool-down or there was other non-PD motion occurring seconds before. It frustrating, but I have patience and faith that Wyze will get PD and CMC working together sometime soon. Also… I’m sure there are server-side tweaks and bugs to work out now that the rest of the Wyze users are turning this feature on and adding processing load to the mix.

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I’d send you some if I knew how, but the only person that isn’t sick and allowed out of the house just left for work (mil-med community) in the video above. lol Even the mailman must be sick as we haven’t received mail in a week. :upside_down_face:

Hey, thanks so much for the replies. I had totally missed the first step mentioned above:

  1. From the Wyze app home page > Account (down at the bottom right corner) > Wyze Services > Person Detection (Beta)
  2. I thought is must be “ON” already because had turned on “Person” events on the Send Notifications screen.

Suggestions that Wyze should look into:

1. it would be “very” helpful to have a link from the Send Notifications screen to get to the “Wyze Services” screen / Person Detection (Beta).

2. It should “not” allow you to turn on “Send Notifications” or it should be grayed out if you do not have it turned on under “Wyze Serviuces”

With turning on “Person Detection (Beta)” it does seem to be working for me now.

Note that my "Detection Zone is in the lower of the screen the RED CIRCLED area (below the window on the house next door, so that when my neighbor keeps turning the light off/on I don’t get an alert). I wasn’t “sure” if I need a Detection zone that would fully surround where the person is at…but it seems that is is picking up my legs just fine.
See attached where it seems to have ignored my dog…but then notice my legs when I move into the Detection area:

See wyze_1.PNG wyze_2

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I am confident they will as well. When it works it seems better than the XNOR version. But the service is rather spotty. The camera is also doing 24/7 recording and the PD events are not being masked during any cool down. They are just being missed.

My guess is it’s still having issues scaling. I am sure they will get it sorted soon. When it does work it’s great!


Sorry, being nosey.
Are you saying that there are sick people in your house but the one that isn’t sick is going to work?
We wouldn’t be allowed to do that here.

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Glad to be of help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wyze should just move the Person Detection toggle from Services to the Device Settings > Event Recording page so the user interface is consistent with what is already listed on the Device Settings > Notifications page (Person, All Other Motion, Sound). I think that move would be less confusing for new users once beta testing is complete.

Your example is excellent! :+1: Wyze is analyzing the entire view for person detection, but limits event/notification based on your detection zone.

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Perhaps “spotty service” occurs when Wyze is doing real-time server-side scaling tweaks while we are playing with our Wyze cams. :wink:

Yep, she’s considered essential. We prepared for this at the end of January and we haven’t seen her physically since February. We laugh at each other over Wyze cams. :grin: Sick people live on one isolated floor, others live on two floors. House has 3 1/2 baths, kitchens on 2 floors and HVAC can be separated/shut off between floors (previous owner was a serious prepper). We’ve been through this before except last time our youngest ended up in the hospital (H1N1 swine flu). This round seems easier to live with but is taking 4 times longer to get over. We’re about done and head out for a checkup next week.

Good luck to you.
We were lucky. My wife retired at the end of February and I can work from home.
She was s Seniors Home nurse so would have been deemed essential also.

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Good luck to you all also and may you remain safe and virus-free! :pray:

On a good note… Person Detection notified me that FedEx finally delivered toilet paper! In the rain… Unprotected. :grimacing: Thank you Wyze for saving my TP!!! :rofl:


Apparently I had it, and never knew it. I am a high risk patient ( Stroke, Heart Attack, and COPD mostly due to a lifetime smoking ) so when I went in last week for my check up I answered enough questions positively to qualify for testing.

It came back as us both having the antibodies but no active infection. Neither of us even noticed it so we must have been very fortunate and had a mild case. The only times we were in contact with anyone was grocery shopping, with Masks and Gloves and social distancing
and the occasional delivery driver. And of course the doctors office once.




Good thread on PD use. Thx.
I just got the new app release a few days ago. PD seems to be working for me most of the time.

My question relates to submitting videos to help train AI. For 1st gen PD release the app used to ask if I see a person or not when submitted. This latest app does not ask. Just says thanks for the submission!? Is that right? Seems like it would be useful to get my opinion.
What types of video captures does Wyze want to get? With person, without?
I want to submit some since one of my cams has 3rd story view of my carport/parking and I want the AI to get those overhead detection algorithms just right!

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