Wyze Person Detection (Pilot) not working

I have 2 wyze cameras, both have the person detection enabled, but neither are sending notifications.

1. Wyze services > person detection is an enabled service
2. Notifications:
Send notifications ON
Person ON
All other motion OFF
sound ON
3. Firmware:
4. Android app version 2.10.80

Am I missing something? Why wont person detection send events/notifications? I dont have CMC enabled, nor am I paying for it.

I am experiencing the same EXACT problem with 3 of my camera. My camera seem to Be set up correctly as well but no person notification. note All cameras have sd card in them. With all other notification off and person detection on I receive notification for everything but person detection.

4 cameras, 3 cam v2 and 1 pan, all setup correctly and person detection working

Just wondering… do you have motion detection enabled under Event Recording for each cam?

Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > Settings (gear icon in upper right) > Event Recording

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Yep, I have it set exactly like in that image.

Yes I do

I would re-check settings by running through this how-to and test Person Detection events in a controlled indoor environment. The person detection service is definitely up running on the Wyze servers and working as I’ve had numerous person events all week on multiple cams.

Thanks have followed those steps and will try it out tomorrow. I unchecked the record on sound option so maybe that will do something. Restarted the devices as well. Thanks. Will update tomorrow.

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Are either of you getting videos in the event tab, and just not getting the app notifications of them? Or are you not getting event videos and not getting app notifications?

Still nothing working…

Im getting videos in the event tab, but they are just regular events, no “person” ones.

If I walked across the camera, it would record a clip of the event, but doesnt identify it as a person, just regular movement.

Edit: and now for whatever reason I just got 3 person detected notifications. Seems to be working now…atleast one of the cameras.

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My person detection works somewhat. It sends notifications, but not always, more like 75% of the time. Sometimes it will also tag cats or cars as people. Hopefully it will be sorted out in the future, not terrible at the moment, but definitely room for improvement IMO.

It is still in beta, and if you want to help there is a submit video link in the PD videos to help refine the system.

New user here, and I noticed I was having the same problem. I just followed the article in the link below and it fixed the issue for me! Apparently, there is some sort of issue or conflict when you have Complete Motion Capture service enabled (referenced as CMC in the article. You can disable under “Services”. Hope this helps!

If I do this, I get motion notification for everything from bugs to glare from a car going by. No person notification.

Those }%©®#**$&s at Apple really kneecapped Wyze when they stole Xnor away, didn’t they. It set back development, product releases, quality, customer support, integration…

I mean, Xnor never worked well for me at ALL, but Wyze has spent a year trying to catch back up to what they once had (and had paid for).

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Wyze Person detection stopped working over the last two days, was there a change made?

OP here, mine started working as I mentioned in a previous post, and as of today it’s still working.

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Odd, mine was working fine until may 31st and just stopped, waiting for support to get back to me

I turned off notifications for everything but “Person”. Events still capture, but the only the ones I care about (People) send me notifications. I’m only monitoring my patio, so it works great for me

for me.

I’ve tried following this and I can’t get person detection working. I did at one point have CMC on this camera and I think thats the problem, even though I have removed it.

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