Person Detection is still not working despite troubleshooting with agent

Security Issue! Person detection or person alert is still not working despite troubleshooting with a Wyze agent. This is troubling and I need it to work again. Can anyone offer a real solution? If so please help!

Thank you

It would help if you have a picture or description of where the camera is located. My understanding wyze cam works is that it checks for pixel change to alert for motion. It has different data for human shape. if the background is always moving it will be hard for the cam to check if its a person because of all the pixel changing at the same time. This is why you need to zone properly for detection. To troubleshoot though i would walk in front of the camera to check how it detects you. make sure to enable motion tagging so you can see how the camera isolate you or put a green box around you :blush:. move further away from the camera to see how far it can reach. Good luck I hope you get to fix your issue.

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I’m not receiving the push notifications or the alerts when movement is detected. These are critical so that I know when someone is at, near, & around my home.

Are you getting event videos at all? What are your event recording settings? You said your not receiving notifications, but are you receiving events, but no notifs, or no events or notifs? Those are different avenues of troubleshooting.

I’ll agree with @Ksoulx and their request is on the right track requesting a photo of what the camera sees. Lots of things can effect “tagging” correctly, like moving background like stated, or even not alot of contrast between the subject and the background. If your subject is the same color or brightness as the background then it’s hard for the system to differentiate what is what.


Can you also provide the Device you are using and version of your app as well as the Firmware version of one of the camera’s you are having this issue with.

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