Wyze Person AI

I’m whitelisted for the Wyze person AI. I’ve not received one notification of a person. I’m just checking that I have it set up correctly. If I’ve missed a step please advise. I don’t have CMC but included a pic to prove it’s off. Thank you for any help.
@WyzeGwendolyn can you direct me to help?

Looks good to me. How long ago did you activate it? I think they said it could take 24 hours to start.

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3 days ago. If it looks good wonder what to do now.

@Mavens any help?

Are you running the “new” beta app
it’s best to post beta issues in the beta section

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I’m pretty sure that this is a known issue and we’re working on it. Though, as a quick check, do you have CMC enabled for those cameras? If so, I would not expect person detection to work.

No I am not a CMC subscriber

@WyzeGwendolyn so do I just wait? Anything I can do to try to get it to work?

I’m sorry, I don’t have that answer and the most qualified person to help you isn’t in the office today. :frowning:


I deleted all of my cameras out and re-added them to the app. I have a Wyze AI person detection Enabled on all three cameras. And the only notifications that I have set up on all three cameras are for person detection. I shut off sound and motion. I know you said that the person who is the expert on this is out could you please pass on my issues to them whenever they’re back in the office and see why I am not getting any person detection notifications. Thanks Gwendolyn

If by notification you mean an event recording, on mine I
to have event recording on motion turned on in order to get any events at all. Once that is turned l on I get notified for person or motion or both depending on my notification settings.

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I don’t mean event recording. Just person Detection. I was told by one Wyze employee to turn motion notifications off. So I did. I don’t know what to do. I’ll try turning them back on. Thanks for the advice. I’ll take any I can get at this point.

Definitely need notifications on. It took about 36 hours for my cameras to start working

Person notifications have been on this whole time. Only motion has been off for 2 days and I was told to turn it off by a wyze employee.

Here’s where I read to turn motion detection off

How specified to send notifications and what I get:
How specified:

What & when I get

Here’s my setup. No cmc and no 3rd party apps. I get zero person notifications from iOS.

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This is the difference I see between us, unless I am missing something; Settings/Event Recording/Detects Motion is on on mine. I’m on IOS also.

(Ignore the red marks-oops)

Also, if you are running multiple test apps be sure your device settings under Settings/Notifications are set to allow notifications for the named app you are using.

I turned off motion per the previous post I linked. But they probably didn’t mean motion notifications too. I’ll make some changes. Thanks.

if you turn off motion DETECTION the camera wont record anything at all. in speaking with the person from Wyze that originally posted that, it was meant to say turn off motion TAGGING. (that’s the green box)

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I think you may have hit the ’I think we have a lack of communication here’ problem (Dating myself: Cool Hand Luke, with Paul Newman, circa :OldMovie). Many thanks.
@paindonthurt - Try that setting and see if it helps​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: