Person detection with CMC

It’s been several months since I have last heard they were working on getting person detection to work with CMC. Well guess what, it still doesn’t work. I have seen on forums and Reddit if you don’t have CMC it works, but I guess if you pay wyze a monthly subscription than you can just go screw yourself? Sad part in notifications there is a toggle for person detection, but it evidently doesn’t do a damn thing.

it’s coming…it’s in testing now…are u using the beta app? That will be the quickest way to get it

@Ken.S is it working in beta? I’d be interested in testing. My only concern with beta, is I don’t want my camera and software to malfunction due to possible buggy software. Is there that risk?

There is always some risk of instability for beta testing. If reliability is crucial and you still want to test it’s probably better to set up a spare camera on a spare device on a separate account.

it doesn’t look like it’s made it to the beta app yet, I checked the beta FB group & didn’t see a announcement for it… I’m on a alpha app, so I’m not 100% sure.

as kjay said, there’s always a risk, but I’m rarely on production app/firmware. BTW, anyone can join the beta facebook group to see what updates are being released, and just because you use the beta app, doesn’t mean you have to update your firmware to beta…though some beta features may require beta firmware.

Ok thanks!

Beta app was just updated with person detection with cmc, now called cam+

Cool thanks!

I have CMC plus and am disappointed by the results it is capturing when it thinks it’s capturing people. Here is one of many screenshots that my camera thinks is capturing a person. Any way to remedy this? I’m not pleased that it keeps capturing leaves moving and cars as people. @UserCustomerGwen? image

I’d recommend sending videos like that in to help train the algorithm. Sorry for the trouble! I’ll also send your screenshot to the team.

Thanks Gwendolyn. I’ve sent a bunch already. I’ll continue to send.

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Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: