Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan Firmware 4.X.6.156 Released - 7/28/20

Hey, forum friends!

We’re releasing new firmware for Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan today!

Firmware version for Wyze Cam v2 and for Wyze Cam Pan paves the way for Person Detection and Complete Motion Capture (CMC) to work together after the upcoming app update. It also improves stability and has some bug fixes.

Read our Release Notes here:


Thanks for letting us know this was released!

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Upgraded and mine is Am I in the future? :wink:

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No… I missed a memo. :sweat_smile:



i Subscribed to try CMC with PD but when person is detected it doesn’t say person only says motion

I’ll stop looking for x.56 beta release notes then. :grin:

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When cams are in groups, I have to select HD for each cams and at each time I come back in the group. They don’t auto switch anymore as before. If I stay in the group and select a cam, it is on HD.

The respond time of the cams are very fast compared to the 2 last updates.

Fantastic. Maybe I’ll finally ugrade the firmware! Just to confirm Person Detect will work, only if you get Complete Motion Capture. And that price on CMC is optional (as per this post ) ?

I’m assuming notification time for Person Detect will be significantly slower as processing is done in the cloud, as opposed to xnor’s on the edge ai processing ? Would be interesting to compare PD accuracy and notification lag.

Either way, well done guys. I love these cameras!

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I believe CMC is $1.49 per camera per month,.
The post you linked to refers to Person Detection only not CAM Plus which, as I understand it, is CMC + PD.

I guess I’m just confused with the wording of the firmware release notes:

Added support for Person Detection on CMC videos (2.12 app update required)

I felt it implied that there’s person detection on only cmc videos, no?

No. Person Detection was just on the 12 second Event clips and was not available on thr longer CMC clips. Now PD also works on the CMC clips.

Person detection is not available on CMC until either the Wyze app version 2.12 is available or the Beta app version is installed. This firmware update “paves the way” for Person Detection and CMC to work together in anticipation of the upcoming 2.12 app update.


True, I should have said soon PD will work with CMC.

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As far as I know PD still works even if you don’t pay for CMC

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Just installed the firmware update on both my cameras and found out the previous weeks recordings in the installed SD cards in BOTH units were wiped.
Not happy.


I hope Wyze responds to this, because I’d be upset about it erasing my SD cards too.

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I just experienced the exact same thing!

Did you have a larger that 32GB SD cards, possibly running exFAT?

Anyhow I just upgraded one test cam, lost everything on the 64GB card, got mad and just reformatted the card in the app and it has been working OK for several hours now.

But now that I’ve read your post, I won’t upgrade any production cams until all important footage on the SD cards is backed up. Geez, what a PITA! :rage:

Is this becoming a known thing @WyzeGwendolyn ?? THANKS!!


Yup same for me, wiped my SD cards. It’s kind of a normal thing to lose SD card on my pan cam but this is the first time I lost it on V2 cam.


Wow. Having only V2s, I had no idea this was possible or worse, normal…

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