Firmware Versions and Released!

Hi, everyone!

We released firmware for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan today! Here’s what’s different:

Wyze Cam v2
Wyze Cam Pan

  • Added New AI model improving person detection
  • Added Security Updates

We know that some people are having trouble with streaming (especially people on some Android devices) and that the Rules changes have some room for growth. We’re still working on these improvements and will have fixes out as soon as we can.


Any link to detailed notes?

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The AI improvement is involving false positives from pets being labeled as people but I don’t think we’re going into further detail about the security improvements.


Will the new security improvements in allow the cameras to once again record locally (to SDcard) without requiring authentication with Wyze servers at power-up? That requirement, introduced as a security enhancement a few releases ago, is an impediment to using cameras ‘off-line’, in locations where permanent internet connections are not available or practical.

I’m quite sure that Wyze will be able to secure a lot more sales when your security architecture evolves to permit off-line operation.


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn


@kyphos, this sadly doesn’t fix the offline recording problem. We’re still working on that fix and apologize for the delay. I do enjoy your well-done pun, though!

@Plaidsky, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Do you know if this has fixed the low volume in the wyze pan cameras?


Hi there,

I have 2 Wyze Cam Pan and on both of them, I have installed RTSP firmware. Now I can’t see the new Firmware Versions so I can update from existing one (

The thing is that I want to keep the RTSP availability.

Notice: I’m using both of the cameras in Europe,

Any suggestions?

@cheaplikeafox, this update only improves the AI and contains a security update.

@Zack, the RTSP firmware is a different firmware branch. If you want to go back to the regular one, you can flash the firmware to an older firmware version in the non-RTSP track and then update from there. But if you want to keep RTSP, you’re already set. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I installed it on all my cameras and it went well.

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I noticed today that all of my cameras have switched to 360p.
I have two V2 and two Pan cameras. All were set to HD except one V2 that was set to SD.

I’m not sure this is related to the firmware or not.
The app version is 2.5.30 Android Beta.

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The people detection seems more amazing. It’s now also detecting people in moving vehicles! (They’re obviously not driving themselves…yet.) Nice job team! And I just noticed even my Wyze account on the webpage looks a lot better too. Keep up the good work!


I have a ticket (337207) open that my be related to the update. In my playback I seem to be skipping back to August 11th instead of events from yesterday.

1 Like, were you able to switch your cameras back? Thanks for letting us know!

@YeahThatCee, thanks! I’ll share this with the team. :slight_smile:

@Larch, sorry to hear about that! Thanks for letting us know and for sending in the support ticket.

@WyzeGwendolyn no need to apologize, working through some tests with support on it. It’s a funny little bug since I can manually scroll to events and everything works fine otherwise, not a show stopper.

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I can switch them back but they don’t stick. The next time I open the app they’re showing 360p again.
Not sure if the cameras are actually switching or if the app is reporting incorrectly.
I sent a ticket. #339019

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Updated my firmware today and motion sensors not working and wyze sense keeps dropping to orange and blue

@Larch, I hope you all get that sorted out soon!, my bet would be the camera switching it automatically but I can’t swear to that.

@jdstolz91, our apologies! I’d recommend contacting our customer support team about that.

Support Request Form

Support suggested logging out and back into the app and rebooting the phone.
Thst seems to have worked.