Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

Volume is faint, Half that of my v2’s


Hello @HDRock, did this happen after updating?

Sorry I can’t help much but it is not right , I don’t know for sure , my Cam pan Is turned off most of the time , After updating to the most recent beta Versions I went Through checking things out And found The audio to be Screwed up From What it was and what it should be .

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Hello @HDRock, sorry I wasn’t able to see this sooner since I wasn’t tagged but is the issue still occuring? If so, can you send in a support ticket through the Wyze app including log files?

When you are finished, can you come back and post the ticket number?

I am having the exact same issue. On top of that the audio cuts out all the time but not the picture just the audio.

This is a real issue because I use the camera as a baby camera.

The volume is so faint on Android and iPhone. It used to be better on iPhone but after the latest firmware it’s so faint I would say it’s not even 50% of what it used to be!


Sorry , I Guess I didn’t click on the right Reply button .
I will send the logs for ya

Thank you for that, please send over the ticket number when you are done it will be included in the confirmation email.

No email received for ticket number yet, that takes awhile.
Probably not till tomorrow If that

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I also have this issue with the wyzecam pan after the firmware update…I can’t hear any audio at all actually after the update when I’m watching the SD playback.

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Hello @cheaplikeafox, like I asked @HDRock; can you send in a support ticket through the Wyze app that includes log files?

@mixonepa I thought It might be here today but Haven’t received email with the ticket number yet, I did send it, it’s in my sent folder

I am having the same issue as above. No log files or I just don’t know where they are but problem started after firmware upgrade on all four of my cameras. Issue is the same on all devices using the app, (Android tablet, cell) WYZE Ticket # 189256. Thanks.

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When did you send the feedback mail ?
What’s the firmware version you have ?
In the email you sent you should see A feedback log zip file

About 30 minutes ago. Firmware V No feedback file.

Well that’s odd ,you sent the email 30 minutes ago and got a ticket number already, I sentThe email yesterday and haven’t got A reply yet

I sent mine through the app and got a response fairly quickly. That is odd.

I sent it through the app also With Gmail

I set the Cam pan up To detect Sound With intensity at 100% It did not detect the sound and did not create a clip
I sent logs again through the app , We will see if I get a response with ticket number

Where do I find the log files?

After you fill in the subject and details and select the camera Just make sure at the bottom
( Send log file ) is checked