Wyze cam pan abysmal audio

Hello all. So I submitted a ticket about this exactly 5 days ago and have not heard anything back, and I am planning on returning my wyze devices to the store if I cannot get my cameras working, so I will try posting my issues/discoveries here in the hopes it will get more of an…urgent…response. So, a week ago, I purchased two wyze cam pan devices. First thing I did when I powered them on was to update the firmware to the latest version (I have a pet peeve for out-of-date software/firmware/any updatable resource). After the updates were out of the way, I attempted to, using the android app on my phone, test out the camera’s two way communication. What I found was…disappointing…to say the least. I should also note that during this test, my phone and the wyze camera were connected to the same LAN. Anyway, the sound that came out of the camera was so low that it was extremely difficult to hear anything being said. In order to provide as much detail as I could concerning this problem, I used an audio recorder to record the audio the camera produced when speaking through the app on my phone, which you can listen to below:
Then, I ran the same test once again, but rather than use my phone to talk through the camera, I downloaded the MEMU android emulator on my laptop, installed the wyze app on it, and spoke through the emulator instead, Do you think there was a difference? Of course there was, or I would not be writing this post right now. The sound was clear and audible, and you can listen to the recording of that test below:
However, I quite sure the problem is not with my phone, as I also own a ring doorbell and an ip cam made by another manufacturer (wansview) which I am able to use my phone to speak through quite clearly. This problem also affects both devices that I purchased. So, what is up? Are these camera’s just bad? I mean, I guess you get what you pay for, but come on. I really don’t want to have to spend part of my weekend returning these camera’s, so I hope there is fix coming out real soon to fix this.

Similar issue with couple v2. Problem before and after latest updates. Speak feature is useless. Unless you can read lips. CO and smoke alarm detection is non-functional. Did not submit a problem ticket with Wyze. Purchased Wyze cam primarily for motion detection feature.

Just a heads up, this is a community based forum and any official support must be provided by Wyze via the support ticket you have submitted. May I ask what your support ticket number is? I will do my best to help you out. Have you tried flashing the firmware and/or resetting the camera using the regular troubleshooting steps? I have had those issues in the past and I flashed the firmware and added the cameras back to the app after I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I would try the basic troubleshooting first as I have mentioned above. I have also provided links below for reference.

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Have tried everything noted on the “troubleshooting “ page at least once. No go. So guessing it’s something physical. Bad microphone, cold solder or bad connection tpbetweem mic and board. Not a big enough issue for my use of thev2s to repair or replace.

Sorry for the delayed reply. The ticket is Wyze Ticket 192498

As for if I had already performed the troubleshooting steps outlined in already existing documentation, I would not have gone through the trouble I did performing the tests/recording the audio/submitting the ticket/writing this post if I had not done so already. There are a couple of things I am hung up on that make me scratch my head. 1) Both of the brand new camera’s had the exact same problem, 2) when talking through the app on my phone, the audio sucked, but when I talked through the app which was running on an emulator on my computer, it worked great (this tells me that it is not a hardware problem). I am not an advanced software developer, but maybe it has something to do with the hardware that the camera/app is optimized to use. Maybe it is optimized more for a computer mic that a smartphones. Like I said, not a developer, but that would be my educated guess.

The wyzecam pan audio problem might be related to this thread…Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

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It appears there are still issue.
I have 2 pan cams purchased this summer and updated.
Then support sent 2 new ones.
Same issue - and 2 of them are on different networks. (one is a remote location).

The next thing I was going to try was using a different endpoint (rather than my android phone).